Stationary Energy Plan

The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan


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The Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan outlines a technically feasible and economically attractive way for Australia to transition to 100% renewable energy within ten years. Social and political leadership is now required in order for the transition to begin. The ZCA2020 Plan shows that with a combination of energy efficiency, fuel-switching from gas and oil to electrified energy services, and a combination of commercially available renewable energy generation technologies, Australia’s energy needs can be met with 100% renewables.

• Demonstrates that 100% renewable energy is achievable and affordable

• Designs a fully costed and detailed system of concentrated solar thermal plants and large scale wind farms

• Proves that with commercially available and proven technologies renewable energy can power Australia within 10 years

• Launched in June 2010

• Sample media coverage and full list of endorsements attached


Partner Institution

 The report was a research collaboration between Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute. 


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