National Science Week at the CSIRO Discovery Centre in Canberra

 On the 11th and 12th of August, Beyond Zero Emissions participated in Canberra's Science Week.  This event was held at CSIRO Discovery Center. Science week, an annual national event is an opportunity for young and old to gather together and enjoy the wonders of Science.

 As kids ran from one stall to another, making slime and blowing things up, they didn't hesitate to stop by and see our solar thermal model.  Using this model, our volunteers, Michael Kirk, Tasha Ace, Jeremy Ainscough, Eric Huttner, Terry McBride, John Moobs, and Leon Smith , used the interactive lights to entertain and educate those of all ages about our ZCA and RPA plans.

There were no shortage of questions around our plan or the model itself. Support was readily given by any number of the 14,500 people who stopped by our booth, including Canberra Times and 2XX. This event was a huge success and such a fun thing for our volunteers to participate in


All in all, we'd like to thank the volunteers who gave their time for a cause they whole heartily believe in thus driving in from Sydney, flying in from Melbourne or for those who live in Canberra, just simply getting out of bed early on a Saturday and Sunday. The eight hours each day would have been exhausting had we not had enough people to help out on this stall.  This dedication doesn't go unnoticed and we appreciate all our volunteers!