Men's shed makes BZE a solar model

The Pine Rivers Men’s Shed has recently completed building a Concentrated Solar Thermal Model for the BZE Sunshine Coast Branch.

BZE provided most of the initial parts for the model but the enthusiastic group at the Men’s Shed really ran with the project including sourcing better mirror material (cut and bevelled), covering the base of the model with green billiard table felt (to give a grass like appearance), and producing a complete set of Computer Aided Design Drawings, amongst other things.

Dylan Tussler from the Sunshine Coast Branch of BZE presented the stationary energy plan to a large group of Men’s Shedders on the 8th of March followed by the unveiling and handover of the model.

The Pine Rivers Men’s Shed were so enthusiastic about the project they are talking of building their own model for permanent display at the Petrie Markets to showcase their capabilities and to promote BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia plan!

A big thanks to the Petrie community and the Pine Rivers, Men’s Shed for their remarkable efforts in making this project possible.

Picture: Morteon Bay Regional Council Councillor David Dwyer congratulating the Pine Rivers Mens Shed on their Concentrated Solar Thermal model production.