BZE visit Scenic Rim (QLD) - There is an alternative to coal and gas

BZE volunteer presenters Sue and Bruce Cooke present to eager Scenic Rim residents about the ZCA Stationary Energy Plan.

Andy Grodecki, Greens Candidate for Beaudesert who chaired the information night says “We know coal and CSG exploration is concerning a lot of people in the Scenic Rim and is dividing communities around the country. We also know that CSG, that is converted into Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), is more greenhouse gas intensive than coal when used for electricity generation whether it's in Australia or China. Switching to gas-fired generation is not cleaner it means more CSG wells and more fugitive emissions. BZE has come up with a well grounded engineering blueprint of how we can we can meet our energy needs without Coal and CSG – Tamborine Mountain, all of Australia need to hear about this”