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Will Sandover

Will Sandover

Will started as a Volunteer Researcher at BZE in late 2013, assisting specifically with the generation of the Renewable Energy Superpower Report. He became an adviser to the BZE Board on financial matters in early 2014, before joining the Board in late 2014. Will has been the Treasurer since joining the Board.

Big Solar comes to the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The massive efforts of our volunteers and members made BZE’s two week long stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show a huge success.An estimated 2 500 people passed through the stall to see our model solar thermal plant and learn about improving household sustainability through practices like worm farming and composting.

Very few people approached us with negativity. The majority were very much in favour of the BZE plan and those that had no previous opinion or experience went away well informed – as did the new recruits who were helping out BZE for the first time.

Gavin, the main driver of this mammoth event, scored a talk on Big Solar on stage in the Horticultural Pavillion. In past years he’s been restricted to talking about compost, worms and bees – seems like public awareness is gradually increasing, and will continue in this direction as we continue to fight.

Thanks so much to the 26 volunteers gave up their time to man the stall, and thanks to the organisers for the hours of work they put in to make it happen!

Men's shed makes BZE a solar model

The Pine Rivers Men’s Shed has recently completed building a Concentrated Solar Thermal Model for the BZE Sunshine Coast Branch.

BZE provided most of the initial parts for the model but the enthusiastic group at the Men’s Shed really ran with the project including sourcing better mirror material (cut and bevelled), covering the base of the model with green billiard table felt (to give a grass like appearance), and producing a complete set of Computer Aided Design Drawings, amongst other things.

Dylan Tussler from the Sunshine Coast Branch of BZE presented the stationary energy plan to a large group of Men’s Shedders on the 8th of March followed by the unveiling and handover of the model.

The Pine Rivers Men’s Shed were so enthusiastic about the project they are talking of building their own model for permanent display at the Petrie Markets to showcase their capabilities and to promote BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia plan!

A big thanks to the Petrie community and the Pine Rivers, Men’s Shed for their remarkable efforts in making this project possible.

Picture: Morteon Bay Regional Council Councillor David Dwyer congratulating the Pine Rivers Mens Shed on their Concentrated Solar Thermal model production.

Volunteers at the Queensland Branch

L to R: Colin Stewart, Emma Bosworth, Bianca Bell, Rachel Aubrey, Bec Young

On Feb 26, we farewelled our wonderful 12 week intern, Bianca Bell from the Brisbane office.
Bianca is completing her Environmental Management degree at UQ and came to BZE to experience first hand the operations of an Environmental NGO. In her time at the Brisbane office, Bianca was a valued member of the office team. She attended the "Mining the Truth" road trip in North Queensland and presented her findings to a enthusiastic crowd of volunteers at the first branch meeting of the year.
She helped the office stream line some of its processes and initiated some great new ones too.
"B" as she is lovingly known as by the office also got herself down to the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne where she helped out at the BZE stall, and also communicated our research at her uni campus O week last week.
We look forward to having Bianca back in the office throughout the year where she will continue to help out on a less regular basis. Thanks for everything Bianca, we hope you loved being with us as much as we loved having you.

BZE's Stall at Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne 2013

Four of our most dedicated volunteers: Anthony, Angus, Miwa and Margaret

Angus and Anthony with interested audience

Bianca and the "impressive" CST model


Thanks so much to all volunteers who helped running the stall:

Bianca, Yvonne, Chitrani, Thami, John, Hugh, Miwa, Angus, Margaret, Steven, Anthony, John and Sean

David Spratt at the Monthly Discussion Group in Melbourne




Thanks to the Melbourne Branch volunteers who coordinate the Monthly Discussion Group, especially Miwa Tominaga, Alastair Leith and Peter Castaldo!


BZE relies on its dedicated and skilled volunteers for much of our research and public education initiatives. All our volunteers deserve an award! Today we are recognising those people that have excelled themselves in 2012.

Enviro Week at Mosman High School

On the 13 of November, Chris Lee and Michael Furey did three presentations to a total of 500 young people in years 7-10 at Mosman High School, with assistance from John Mobbs, Lisette Collay and Terry McBride.


BZE presentation in Ballarat

BZE's Peter Castaldo and Alastair Leith visited Ballarat last week. Peter presented on the BZE plan to various school groups as well as at a public forum. We found strong support for an Australian economy powered by 100% renewable energy!

National Science Week at the CSIRO Discovery Centre in Canberra

 On the 11th and 12th of August, Beyond Zero Emissions participated in Canberra's Science Week.  This event was held at CSIRO Discovery Center. Science week, an annual national event is an opportunity for young and old to gather together and enjoy the wonders of Science.

Granville Men's Shed creates four solar thermal models

Following the recipe developed by  Beyond Zero Emissions  volunteers in Sydney,  Granville Men's Shed has created four fantastic concentrated solar thermal power plant models.

These models have been handed over to Beyond Zero Emissions and Parramatta Climate Action Network to help with public education. Thanks! 

John Liddell presenting at the Rotary Club of Point Gellibrand

What an entertaining night we had this week!! Our guest speaker John Liddell opened our eyes to the prospects of life after Zero Carbon, where electrical power is generated from passive solar and wind systems rather than carbon burning thermal systems as at present.  Cutting edge one might think BUT do-able by 2020 according to John provided we get the vested interest sceptics and politicians away from blocking the way forward.

What’s this photo??  It’s the first baseload Gemasolar power plant that now operates in southern Spain (yes Spain might have it’s current financial problems but they can see through the haze toward a more sustainable tomorrow)!

To view the full Beacon click here Beacon Volume 26 Bulletin No 40



Montmorency Community Group presentation

Montmorency Community Group presentation, Sunday, April 29. Presenter Marguerite Marshall with assistant presenter Peter Castaldo. 

BZE presents at the Big Solar launch

BZE presenter Marg explains baseload solar thermal at the Yarra Climate Action Now Big Solar campaign launch in Fitzroy, Victoria.

BZE Public Engagement Training: Brisbane


Front row (L to R): Erin, Ian, Mardi, James, Caroline, Xavier

Back row (L to R): Ack, Pablo, Gianni, Hilton, Anne, Jenny, Emma, James

On Saturday 3 & 4, Queensland BZE Coordinator Emma Carton and National BZE Coordinators James Bramwell and Pablo Brait were in Brisbane delivering public engagement training to 15 enthusiastic and intelligent BZE volunteers. The training enables volunteers to get an in-depth understanding of the ZCA Stationary Energy Plan and to learn how to communicate the key messages. Many of these trainees will go on to become ambassadors through BZE's talks program.

Special thanks to Ngaire McGaw, Dorotee Braun, Jon Watson and Reanna Willis for helping make the weekend such a success.

For more information about Public Engagement training, contact Queenland Coordinator Emma Carton by emailing

BZE's stall at the Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne, 2012

Up left: Andy and the interested public.
Up right: Yvonne explains baseload solar thermal power.
Down left: Yvonne and model-maker Martin on the stall.
Down right: Gibran and Anthony at the BZE stall.

James Bramwell with Alain de Botton Feb 2012

BZE Director of Public Engagement James Bramwell presents a copy of the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan to writer and philosopher Alain de Botton.

Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan in China

Rebecca Dunn presents the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan to the Ningxia Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Service Centre in China

BZE visit Scenic Rim (QLD) - There is an alternative to coal and gas

BZE volunteer presenters Sue and Bruce Cooke present to eager Scenic Rim residents about the ZCA Stationary Energy Plan.

BZE wins the NSW Nature Conservation Council's environmental award for "the most inspiring community climate action initiative by a community climate change group", November 2011

NCC Award acceptance by Geoff and some Team Sydney members with Don White, NCC, and Paul Smith, AEI

NCC Awards - Petra and Annie at the award event

ZCA Stationary Energy Plan reaches Kenyan professionals

In partnership with QUT, Beyond Zero Emissions presenter Rob Farago recently spoke to a group of Kenyan professionals who were in Queensland to learn about climate adaption and renewable energy.

Rob Farago (kneeling) answers some great questions after the presentation.                           

Rob Farago, BZE presenter, presented with a  gift from participant Beryn Otieno, Kenya Forestry Research Institute.

Townsville speaker training November 2011

On the 12th and 13th November, James Bramwell and Emma Carton (BZE Talks Coordinators), headed to Townsville to train sixteen new potential presenter volunteers on the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan.

The training was a great success and these new volunteers are now concentrating on rehearsing the presentation before getting out to the community and shifting the debate, making baseload solar power a reality in North Queensland. 

If you're interested in a booking a talk, getting a plan or getting involved in some way in Townsville, please drop the Townsville coordinator a line via or contact the QLD Talks Coordinator via

Special thanks to James Cook University for providing the space and additional funds to make the weekend possible.