Interview with Philip Sutton - The Case for a Sustainability Emergency (Part 1)

The Reality Report interviews Philip Sutton of the Greenleap Strategic Institute and coauthor of a new report called “Climate Code Red: the Case for a Sustainability Emergency.” The report reviews disturbing new data and scientific understanding of climate change, explains why existing institutions have failed to respond adequately to the problem, and outlines an appropriate response.

Dr Wieslaw Maslowski predicted a 2013 Ice Free Summer Arctic five years ago - now he says that may have been too conservative

We speak to Wieslaw Maslowski about his prediction that by the summer of 2013, we will have completely lost ice cover in the Arctic. Dr. Maslowski says that the complete loss of summer ice may actually happen sooner.

David Mills from Ausra discusses global political environment and his solar thermal technology

Interviewing Dr David Mills former Sydney University academic now solar entrepreneur with US venture capital he has founded Ausra, a California based company that develops zero carbon utilities scale solar thermal power plants.

Drawing down carbon - Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University talks Bio Char

Johannes Lehmann, whose an associate professor of soil fertility management and soil bio-chemistry at New York's Cornell University. Prior to this he co-ordinated an interdisciplinary research project on nutrient and carbon management in the central Amazon for the Federal Research Institution of Forestry at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Ken Caldeira - Carnegie Institute - Stabilizing Carbon Emissions Only Option

Ken Caldeira talks to Beyond Zero Emissions about his latest study on zero emissions as soon as possible being the only safe target for our policy makers, our public and the planet.

James Hansen - No more conventional coal and carbon stabilisation below 350ppm

Beyond Zero Radio show spoke to James Hansen the world's leading climate scientist about his call for CO2 emissions stabilisation at 300-350ppm, well below todays 385ppm.

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