The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan was released by Beyond Zero Emissions in August 2013.

It is is a practical plan to fix Australia’s buildings in a decade. We can act now to halve the energy use of our buildings, deliver energy freedom to people and transform our homes and workplaces to provide greater comfort with lower energy bills.

The vision. The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan is the first comprehensive, nationwide plan to retrofit Australia’s buildings. This plan demonstrates how all existing buildings can reach zero emissions from their operation within ten years. It sets out how Australia can transform its building stock to reduce energy bills, generate renewable energy, add health and comfort to our living spaces, and make our workplaces more productive. 

The rationale. Australia’s existing buildings are not adequately designed to meet many of the challenges we face today. Australian houses and workplaces are often unnecessarily cold in winter, hot in summer, and expensive to run. We now have the technologies and know-how to make our buildings far more comfortable, while protecting us from rising electricity and gas bills.

The science is clear that, in order to reverse climate disruption, developed nations must begin transitioning their economies to zero greenhouse gas emissions, starting now. Accordingly, in June 2010, Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) launched the ground-breaking Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) Stationary Energy Plan that showed how Australia’s electricity could be supplied by 100% renewable energy sources within 10 years. This acclaimed Plan has since been followed by the government sponsored 100% renewable energy plans by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

The ZCA Buildings Plan is the next step in this transition. This plan contains detailed bottom-up research, modelling and analysis into Australia’s existing buildings and energy consumption. We have collaborated extensively with industry, ensuring our recommended suite of retrofitmeasures is practical and widely applicable. 


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