Energy Freedom - Slash Energy Bills


Energy Freedom is a simple cost-effective 9 step program for undertaking energy upgrades in residential buildings.

Thanks to no-nonsense acclaimed Energy Freedom program a growing number of householders and communities across Australia are making their existing energy-guzzling low-comfort buildings into high-performing, comfortable, and zero emissions homes - and many now create more energy than they consume!

AFR Weekend September 11 2016 Sustainable House Day

Energy Freedom is supported by a group of innovative and progressive Australian organisations - Apricus, Energy Matters, Daikin, Cherry and Knauf - all working together to deliver energy freedom to Australian homes. Are you a business looking for a coordinated approach to helping your clients succesfully achieve their home energy upgrade? Our program is based on independent research and is best in its class. Get in touch

The program is coordinated by Beyond Zero Emissions, and is based on the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan and the DIY book Energy-Freedom Home.  It is unique among home energy ugrade programs in strongly and pragmatically advocating for the replacement of gas applainces with efficient solar, electric and air-source appliances.

With readily available technology, some know-how, good advice and some ambition, you can do this too.

Visit the Energy Freedom website to explore the 9 steps you can take to improve your home. 

Ready to get started? It's easy - Join the Energy Freedom community by signing up here. 

Are you an energy assessor looking to make a contribution in the community that goes beyond the norm? Get in touch to find out all about our Energy Freedom Train the Trainer program.

If you are keen to take Energy Freedom to your whole community, and then beyond, you might also like to find out about Zero Carbon Communities - this is our 10 year program enabling entire local government areas to transition to a zero emisisons economy in every sector - buildings, transport, waste, energy exports, industrial processes and land use. and 


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