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Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors and supporters in our recent fundraising campaign more than 50 communities around Australia are now funded to take the first steps towards high-ambition targets and transitions. THANK YOU. Become a part of Zero Carbon Australia - donate here

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To access the  latest BZE Radio podcasts as well as the BZE archive and blogs, news and reports head over to BZEs new website at

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Creating a Climate for Change - Thursday August 11, 2016

Creating a Climate for Change - Thursday August 11 - Northcote Town Hall - 189 High Street, Northcote Reserve your tickets for the evening here.

Safe climate spirals out of reach - and hopes for its safe return

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Commentators and even fellow climate groups often still question why BZE's work is all about preparing detailed costed 10 year blueprints.  

Australia's Zero Emissions Transport Plan Part 2 : Electric Vehicles report

Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicles report

The EV report is the second part of the Zero Carbon Transport Plan by Beyond Zero Emission 

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Electric Vehicle Report Release Date August 12th 2016

The latest in the Zero Carbon Australia project - the Electric Vehicle Report - will be released on August 12,  2016 in Brisbane at the University of Queensland.  Free to Register 

Download HERE Important ERRATA notification Readers - please note the cost reduction for BUS  transition is 12% less than BAU, not 30% as appears in the text in several places. The charts and data remain correct. 

The Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicle report is a fully costed 10-year plan for Australia's passenger fleet to shift out of fossil-energy and into electrical power from 100%renewable energy.

Baseload Report July 2016 - Zero Carbon Australia, Electric Vehicles, Zero Carbon Communities.

The Baseload Report is the regular newsletter of Beyond Zero Emissions.

In this edition Zero Carbon Australia, Electric Vehicles @ HunterEVFestival and Zero Carbon Communities

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