Grow Jobs by Ending Coal

The Latrobe Valley in Victoria is currently partly dependent on coal for its economy, but if it is to survive into the future, it must move away from coal and tap into the renewable energy revolution. For this to happen the first power stations to be switched off should be the dirtiest, at Hazelwood and Morwell.

“The future for the Latrobe Valley lies in manufacturing of renewable energy components, not coal, and what’s missing is State and Federal Government commitment to this essential transition”, Mark Ogge, campaigner for Beyond Zero Emissions said. 

FLY BY RAIL – Zero Emissions transport capital to capital

26 August 09 -  Imagine training it in comfort from Melbourne to Sydney in just 3 hours. “A zero emissions fast train network serving Australia is visionary and nation building. It will stimulate our domestic construction sector, providing thousands of jobs, whilst being a serious step to avoiding the looming oil and climate crises”, said Matthew Wright,  Campaign Director of Beyond Zero Emissions.

ALP Premier's Climate Target - Like Flying Eyes Wide Open Into Brick Wall

Media Release
15 April 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia

The Prime Minister John Howard would not agree with the State Premiers in Canberra yesterday to set a definitive target of greenhouse gas emissions. They were urging him to adopt a target of 60% reduction by 2050. The Prime Minister has said he won't adopt a target till he sees the report of a Federal Task Force on Carbon Emissions, due out in May.

Clean Coal Not an Alternative

"The evidence is mounting internationally that so called clean coal will never be achieved as an economical alternative to Renewable Energy," said Matthew Wright Beyond Zero Emissions Lead Campaigner.

The FutureGen Industrial Alliance has released an Initial Conceptual Design Report to investigate the feasibility of a ‘clean coal’ plant.

NASA: "Earth in Peril" - Several metre sea level rise this century

25 June 07 - For immediate Release - Melbourne, Australia -

Sea levels will rise by several metres by the end of the century due to rapidly increasing greenhouse gas concentrations, according to research by a group of esteemed international scientists. Led by James Hansen from NASA's Goddard Institute, the group warns that the Earth is 'perilously' close to entering a new era of dangerous runaway climate change.

Saving the salt of the earth - Water shortage has windy solution

Victoria's water shortage crisis can be solved with the state-wide transition of electricity generation to zero emission renewable energy. Wind power fully backed up by gas would use 91 per cent less water than the coal-fired power generators, and would be much more cost effective in an era of rising water and carbon costs.

Australia's zero emission future blowing in the wind

03 June 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia

On February 28th 2007 Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnball said “You can’t run a modern economy on wind farms and solar panels. It’s a pity that you can’t," Yet the Danish government has announced it aims to generate 50 per cent of their electricity needs through wind power by 2025 and Denmark have set the agenda to reduce fossil fuel imports to zero as part of their massive renewable energy plans.

Solar Cells: Best Emission Solution Under the Aussie Sun

28 May 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia

Australia has the potential to reduce its housing sector greenhouse gas emissions to zero if it replicates Germany's solar photovoltaic revolution. The European country installed 960MW of solar photovoltaic power in 2006, and will be increasing this to over 2800MW by 2010. At the current growth rate of solar electric installations in Germany, in 2010 they'll be installing the equivalent of over one million units on house rooftops per year.

Zero Emissions UK Homes by 2016 – How long for Australia?

17 May 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia

By 2016 all new homes built in the United Kingdom will be zero emission on heating and cooling. The UK governments' 'Code for Sustainable Homes' legislates binding regulations for energy reduction with staggered targets: 25 percent more efficient by 2010, 44 per cent by 2013, and 100 per cent, or zero emissions by 2016.

Zero Emissions or Zero Water

03 May 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia
“A lack of rainfall is often referred to as a ‘drought’, yet droughts are by their nature transient, and in the areas under discussion there is no prospect that the rain will return. Instead what has occurred is a rapid shift to a new, drier climate.”

Tim Flannery
The Weather Makers (p.124)

Driving A Market For Plug-In Hybrids - How to make this happen now

17 April 07 – For immediate Release – Melbourne, Australia

"Soon we'll have have no Jobs, and live in a very uncomfortable environment if our politicians don't pull their fingers out and take emergency measures like get the Australian Car Industry Converted to build cars based on "near zero emissions" Hybrid Electric technologies said Matthew Wright, Lead Campaigner Beyond Zero Emissions.

Spanish Wind Power blows past Coal and Nuclear

22 March 07 - For immediate Release - Melbourne, Australia

On March 20th Spain's wind power generation rose to contribute 27 per cent of the country's total daily power demands, surpassing supplies by nuclear and coal. This is a new record for contribution of wind-generated power at a given time to their electricity grid. As projected this occurred without any stability issues.

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