Zero Emissions Byron featured at ICLEI and World Future Council event at COP21

DECEMBER  2 2015, Beyond Zero Emissions

(PARIS) Zero Emissions Byron featured at ICLEI and World Future Council event at COP21

Think of Byron Shire and you probably think sweet waves with dolphins or spectacular food with equally spectacular views. 

But how many people know that this iconic beach-lovers spot is centre-stage this week in several Paris climate change meetings on account of its Mayor announcing its intention to be the world's first zero emissions community in 10 years? 

Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson explains how it came about. 

"As a mayor I have always known that it is local communities and local government that are critical in driving climate action on the ground - this is where the rubber hits the road. When I met with Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, we both knew we could combine strong local community climate action with the technical vision and plans that BZE has developed.

"As mayor of Byron Shire I know very well that my community is one that wants to take action on climate and not wait for real state and federal action. 

BZE CEO Stephen Bygrave said Byron Shire is the perfect place to share its research. 

"Byron Shire already has a number of leading renewable energy, waste and land use projects, and the mayor and community are really engaged. This project is spearheading regional interest in zero emissions transition at the local level.

"With Zero Emissions Byron we are developing a model that other communities will be able to use, as well as identify barriers that need to be broken at various levels of government. 

"There is a need for good integration across policies and programs across different levels of government to make this possible for all councils to tackle. And more federal and State/Territory government support is required to help communities to do it. 

Mayor Richardson said: "In the absence of high level plans or action we decided to develop our own - by working with climate change think tank Beyond Zero Emissions and with local experts in the community in each of the carbon emitting sectors. 

The Zero Emissions Byron project is in a unique position in Australia. Where other cities and states have committed to 35 year net zero plans, Byron Shire is the first local government to commit to and begin to plan for zero emissions across all of its sectors in 10 years. Importantly it is also driven from the community itself, involving community members from the very outset. 

"Not only will Zero Emissions Byron reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we also expect to create jobs and local revenue in the process."


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 Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO                                                  

Adjunct Professor - Institute of Environmental Studies, University of New South Wales, Sydney; Visiting Fellow - Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canberra; Associate - Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Melbourne University  

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