Plans Pave the Way to Lifting COP and INDC Ambition

DECEMBER 10 ,  Beyond Zero Emissions 

Plans Pave the Way to Zero Emissions and 100% Renewable Energy Lifting COP and INDC Ambition

(PARIS) Later today 10 high profile climate solution leaders from around the world will convene for the first of what organisers say is set to become a regular network of zero emissions transition planning forums. 

Organised by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy & negaWatt in cooperation with INFORSE, Track 0 and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) , the event will show in detail what a range of projects have already found it takes to rapidly go to zero carbon and 100% renewable energy, whilst securing more equitable access to clean energy, especially for the poor.  

Event contact Track 0’s Isabel Bottoms said forum participants include Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre University of Manchester, Anna Leidreiter, World Future Council,  Yves Marignac from negaWatt,  Gunnar Boye Olesen of  INFORSE/VE,  Dr Stephen Bygrave of Beyond Zero Emissions Australia, and the legendary Preben Maegaard of the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.   

Representatives from the Governments of Costa Rica and Ethiopia are also programmed to attend - COP21 negotiations permitting - to showcase their countries world-leading low and zero carbon plans.
“All of the forum participants are either world-leading authors or representatives of the world’s top zero emissions transition projects as rated by the global reporting project “Who’s Getting Ready for Zero” coordinated by Track0 and the Centre for Alternative Technology. 

Forum oganisers say that all governments could gain confidence from the range of plans already available which show in detail zero emissions transitions are possible and can be done using existing technologies.

“Farhana Yamin  founder of TRACK0,  and Paul Allen of the Centre for Alternative Technology will close the forum with a vital discussion about how existing plans such as these - which are already available to governments and feature existing technologies - might  directly and rapidly  lift  the ambition of  climate negotiations and of INDC’s.  

"Doing so sooner rather than later achieves the deep and rapid decarbonisation required to stay close to 1.5degreesC. Awaiting new technologies means the window for 1.5degrees closes.

All welcome to attend. Program  Climate Generations Space Venue  December 10th 11.15am-12.45am

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Organiser: Isabel Bottoms
Research & Policy Engagement, Track 0
UK number: 0044 7731 476 843

Australian Participant : Stephen Bygrave
CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions












DECEMBER 10 , Beyond Zero Emissions


Plans Pave the Way to Zero Emissions and 100% Renewable Energy


(PARIS) Today  10 high profile climate solution leaders from around the world will convene for the first of what is likely to become a regular network of zero emissions planning forums.


Among them is the Australian NGO Beyond Zero Emissions, attending the scenarios  forum on the strength of its Zero Carbon Australia project.


The ZCA project stands out from many other low or zero carbon plans because it provides a blueprint for how energy as well as every other sector in Australia can transition to zero emissions.


Dr Stephen Bygrave CEO explains: “The Zero Carbon Australia project has been running as a research and planning project for 8 years in collaboration with several leading universities in Australia.


“So the reports in the series are high-quality, independent, detailed plans for low carbon energy1, but also low carbon buildings2, transport3, land use4 and exports5.


“The Zero Carbon Australia project outcome is significant in that we now know how a transition to zero emissions is possible and affordable in every sector within 10 years, and we are communicating this to government and business and also with international collaborators such as the organisers of this event today.


Beyond Zero Emissions is also the technical partner in the Byron Shire Council project Zero Emissions Byron. Dr Bygrave said that in Zero Emissions Byron the community drives a work plan adapting the Zero Carbon Austalia plans to the region across all sectors in a 10 year timeframe.

1. Stationary Energy Plan 2010 (8.09Mb download) 

2. Buildings Plan 2013 (32Mb download)

3. High Speed Rail report  2014 (13.8Mb download - Part 1 of Transport Plan, Part 2 Electric Vehicle Plan launches in Feb 2016)

4. Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry 2014 (16Mb download)

5. Renewable Energy Superpower 2015 (3Mb download)

Zero Carbon Communities
Zero Carbon Australia Overview (300kb)
















Australian Participant : Stephen Bygrave
CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions




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About Dr. Stephen Bygrave, CEO   Beyond Zero Emissions                                      



Steve is Adjunct Professor  Institute of Environmental Studies, University of New South Wales, Sydney; Visiting Fellow -Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canberra; and Associate - Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Melbourne University.


He has worked on climate change for 20 years, across renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport, agriculture and forestry.

He worked on the mandatory renewable energy target in the late 1990s and on international climate change issues at the OECD between 2002-04.

Most recently he worked as a senior executive setting up the Clean Energy Regulator.

His PhD, funded by Greenpeace in the mid 1990s, was on village scale renewable energy projects in the Pacific Islands.  


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Beyond Zero Emissions was 2014 Winner NGO Category Green Lifestyle Awards

Beyond Zero Emissions is the award-winning Australian NGO and climate solutions think-tank co-authoring the acclaimed Zero Carbon Australia series, now in its 8th year.

The Zero Carbon Australia series is known for its expert sector-by-sector emissions analysis, fully costed projections and shift metrics scaled to 10 year zero and net zero transitions.

BZE's Zero Carbon Communities initiative is currently developing regional and council 10year zero emissions blueprints based on the entire ZCA series.