Australian Domestic Gas Use Decline Triggering Desperate Measures

DECEMBER 21 - Beyond Zero Emissions - Immediate Release 

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Australian Domestic Gas Use Decline Triggering Desperate Measures

(Canberra) In their new report on the role of gas in the upcoming decarbonisation of the energy sector gas industry representatives are saying that gas is a complement to renewables.

This is erroneous and displays desperate measures from the gas industry to stop people switching from gas to high efficiency money-saving electric appliances.

Beyond Zero Emissions has consistently shown through its Buildings Plan and Energy Freedom publications that high efficiency electrical appliances powered by solar pv and ambient heat are available, cost effective and mean that Australian homes and buildings can be powered by 100% renewable energy right now.

Gas is a fossil fuel and one that has a very high global warming potential. In addition, much of our gas continues to come from fracking and coal seam gas extraction which makes it bad for local environments, ground water and farming activities as well as the climate. 

The gas industry report also is wrong to promote gas for large scale uses such as electricity supply to the grid. Again, Beyond Zero Emissions' technical reports - The Stationary Energy Plan and the Renewable Energy Superpower Report - show that renewable  energy can easily supply all of Australia's electricity grid.

Gas prices are also skyrocketing and householders are going off the gas grid in droves. More and more people realise that gas simply is not the clean cheap 'green' fuel that the gas industry promotes it as.



Contact: Stephen Bygrave CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions @stephenBZE M +61 (0)40 890 7686 l 

Refs: "Mr Zema (AEMO) said new technologies and changing consumer behaviour were behind the flat forecasts for residential and commercial gas consumption over the next five years. “Due to forecast improved energy efficiency of buildings and appliances, and switching from gas to electric appliances, we don’t anticipate much change in this sector in the short term, despite a forecast population growth of approximately 8 per cent,” said Mr Zema."


Energy Freedom  - A comfortable high performace home that costs nothing to run -  "Hot water accounts for up to one third of energy bills. By using the heat from the sun or the ambient air, you’ll cut your bills and emissions every year." "Reverse Cycle air conditioners, also known as heat pumps, can heat your home at less than half the cost of even the most efficient gas heater. For some of you, this is all the information you need to know to take action. But for those who are curious as to the science and economics behind this saving, read on. For a detailed presentation about reverse cycle air con as a “Renewable Energy Giant” written by our heat pump expert Tim Forcey- that you can share if you wish –read more here."


1. Stationary Energy Plan 2010 (8.09Mb download) 

2. Buildings Plan 2013 (32Mb download)

3. High Speed Rail report  2014 (13.8Mb download - Part 1 of Transport Plan, Part 2 Electric Vehicle Plan launches in Feb 2016)

4. Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry 2014 (16Mb download)

5. Renewable Energy Superpower 2015 (3Mb download)

6. Zero Carbon Communities (Implementation phase of Zero Carbon Australia currently underway)



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