Tristan Edis, Editor of Climate Spectator

Tristan Edis is Editor of Climate Spectator, a website that covers the politics of climate change, and the key business parameters: the massive flows of investment expected in coming years and decades, the changing business models, the new technology, and the creation of new markets and investment propositions. The primary focus is on Australia but Climate Spectator also covers international developments of importance.

Tristan took up this position at Climate Spectator in February 2012. He has spent over ten years working with business and government in climate change and energy issues. Previously he was a research fellow at the Grattan Institutes's Energy Research Group. He has also held positioins at the Clean Energy Council, Ernst and Young Project Finance Advisory Group, and in government (with the Department of Climate change, formerly Australian Greenhouse Office).

Tristan joins Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele to discuss recent topics such as the carbon price, solar PV feed-in tariffs, MRET, media, politics and other climate support policies.