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The Technology Show is a half hour podcast aimed at highlighting the latest in clean tech breakthroughs, climate science, and renewable energy solutions. It is recorded weekly at 3CR radio in Melbourne on Friday Morning at 8:30 am and syndicated around Australia on the community radio network.
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REV up Electric bikes


Following the ATA's EV expo, we continue the theme with electric bicycles. Rebecca Lee from Melbourne company REV-Bikes provides electric bikes and conversion kits designed to get people riding bikes where they otherwise wouldn’t. REV-Bikes and 'REVbecca' encourages the use of recycled bikes for conversions,

David Metzke from Dyson Electric Bikes explains that an electric bike or e-bike utilises a battery powered electric motor to assist the rider when required, like when accelerating, climbing hills or pedalling into head winds. This is a pedal assist type, compared to a throttle type e-bike. As with a regular bicycle, they are completely legal to ride without a drivers' licence (or any other licence for that matter), even on bike paths. And, don't forget the added benefit of free parking!

Glen Morris previews Energy Storage Council Conference

Glen Morris is Vice President of both the Australian Solar Council and the Australian Energy Storage Council, which seeks to advance the uptake and development of energy storage solutions in Australia.

Glen previews the inaugural Energy Storage Council Conference being held alongside Solar 2015 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, on 13-14 May 2015.

Glen Morris previews Solar 2015

Glen Morris is Vice President of the Australian Solar Council. Through his business SolarQuip, Glen Morris has been installing renewables both on and off the grid for over 20 years. Glen consults for the CEC, is a member of their Standards Training and Accreditation Committee, is a member of Standards Australia EL-042 Committee, teaches renewables at various TAFES, and has been a system auditor for both the CEC and NZ Government. Glen has lived off grid for the past 20 years – currently at one of Australia’s oldest intentional communities in the Yarra Ranges near Melbourne.

Glen previews Solar 2015 Exhibition & Conference, the 53rd annual Australian Solar Council Industry Conference & Exhibition which highlights the people, projects and products that are driving the solar industry to new heights of innovation and excellence. Glen will be making a number of conference presentations in the Professional Development Stream. Solar 2015 is a free event running 13 - 14 May 2015 in Melbourne. This year sees the Energy Storage Council Conference co-located with solar 2015.

Nigel Morris - electric motorbikes, storage & solar

  2015 SR (Sport Road)  

Nigel Morris is Director of SolarBusinessServices, an award winning consultancy, established in Sydney in 2009, specialising in business development in the Australian solar PV (Photovoltaic) industry. He's also passionate about electric motorbikes, energy storage, battery technology and their combination with solar, which will change how households use electricity and travel. 

Nigel, who trained as a mechanic, explains the many advantages of electric motorbikes over conventional petrol motorbikes, and we hear the enthusiasm for the Zero which he owns. Coincidentally, he joins the Beyond Zero radio team while running some appliances on battery power after a grid outage which was caused by a "once in a decade" storm in NSW. Nigel is also a big supporter of non-profit Solar Citizens, regularly speaks at their events and meets politicians in Canberra to promote a fair go for the solar industry. Listen to Nigel's informative and entertaining podcast.

Mario Giannattilio - Electric Vehicle Expo

Mario Giannattilio, committee member of the Alternative Technology Association's (ATA) Melbourne Electric Vehicle (EV) branch joins Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael to continue our EV theme. Mario talks about the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo (19 April 2015) which is a one-day event presented jointly by the Alternative Technology Association, Swinburne University and Boroondara Council. He also talks about the history and growth of the EV expo as well as the technology of electric cars, scooters, e-motorbike, e-bikes, segways and more around Melbourne.

Heath Walker - Tesla Motors

Test drive the Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle with Heath Walker, Marketing and Communications Manager for Tesla Motors - Australia, based in Melbourne. Heath takes Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael through a mouth-watering ride through engineering evolution and sustainable transport that is the Tesla Model S. Unlike a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla electric motors have only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, the Model S is the fastest 4-door sedan ever built, achieving 0 to 100kmh in 3.4 seconds! This performance has been achieved with the Dual Motor version of the Model S which has two motors - one in the front and one in the rear, which efficiently, digitally and independently controls torque to the front and rear wheels.

Other technology features include the 17 inch integrated touch screen, autopilot and over-the-air updates, which mean the car and features can only get better! Other advantages are the low cost of ownership, boot storage, front trunk storage, flat floor in the rear and more. 

The Model S has a rated 500km range which overcomes the range anxiety generally associated with electric cars.  Tesla have recently made 10,000 deliveries for the quarter world wide. They have committed to installing Superchargers - The World’s Fastest Charging Station - from Melbourne to Sydney so Tesla owners can charge their cars for free!

Heath also talks about Tesla's plans worldwide, with the construction of the Gigafactory,
the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant. Heath is passionate about sustainable transport and technology, and has an interesting story about how he sought after a job with Tesla. Currently with 30 - 40 employees in Australia, Tesla is expanding now!

Craig Memery - Switching from gas to electric

Craig Memery, Energy Specialist and Consumer Advocate at the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), will present findings of their new report, Are We Still Cooking with Gas?  Many households in Australia would be better off switching from gas to efficient electric appliances - for both financial and enviromental reasons.

Ken Munson & Philip Keogan - Sunverge brings solar & storage to our new bi-directional distributed grid!


There is a fundamental shift happening in the electricity market. With distributed storage and the ubiquity of cloud based software solutions, Californian startup Sunverge is offering a solar & storage solution creating a bi-directional flow of information and energy which is changing the way we use the traditional one-way grid.  

Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele is joined in the studio by Sunverge Co-founder, President and CEO Ken Munson and Philip Keogan, Sunverge GM Australia and New Zealand (and formerly an executive at Ergon Energy) to talk about this new "internet of energy". 

Hayden Smith - Sunswift - 1st road legal solar car

Project manager Hayden Smith leads Sunswift, a team of University of New South Wales (UNSW) engineering students, undertaking a most ambitious goals: Making eVe the Southern Hemisphere’s 1st road legal solar passenger car. The team has been working hard in the hopes of officially registering with the Roads & Maritime Services as early as March 2015. Making eVe road legal is a huge task requiring a major redesign and rebuild of almost every aspect of the car. The resources and engineering effort required is considerable and Hayden and the team ran a successful crowd funding campaign to .

Sunswift eVe is the fifth generation solar car designed and built by the UNSW Solar Racing Team, Sunswift. Built for practicality, speed, and endurance, eVe is the embodiment of Australian innovation and design. Originally created for the 2013 World Solar Challenge – Cruiser Class, eVe sets a new standard for sustainable transportation, offering high performance, efficiency, comfort and style – all powered directly from the sun.

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Dr Gavin Mudd: Abundant resources underpin renewable energy

Dr. Gavin Mudd is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering in Faculty of Engineering at Monash University. His research interests include sustainable development in groundwater, and environmental impact, management and rehabilitation of mine wastes. 

Dr. Mudd and his Monash University colleagues have recently completed a report titled, Rare earth elements: deposits, uncertainties and wasted opportunities. They found rare earths are more abundant than their name suggests. The real issues that need addressing, are extraction, processing and the subsequent environmental impacts.

Given the extensive need for rare earths in various renewable energy technologies, the researchers were able to smash the myth that they are 'scarce', by building a comprehensive global resource data set which shows they are indeed abundant and can easily meet reasonable demands for decades. Despite scare mongering, the resources are there to support renewable energy and we're not limited by the resources that can underpin renewable energy technologies. 

Gavin's experience includes extensive engagement with community groups across Australia and internationally on the environmental impacts of mining.