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The Technology Show is a half hour podcast aimed at highlighting the latest in clean tech breakthroughs, climate science, and renewable energy solutions. It is recorded weekly at 3CR radio in Melbourne on Friday Morning at 8:30 am and syndicated around Australia on the community radio network.
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Dr Ian Wright

Beyond Zero speaks to Dr Ian Wright, Lecturer in Environmental Science at Western Sydney University, about recent cuts to science staff and the effect of upstream coalmines on Sydney’s water network.

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GreenSync's software platform

Beyond Zero's Anthony and Matt are joined in the studio by GreensSync's founder and Managing Director Dr Phil Blythe and Project Manager Kate O'Carroll to talk about the company's software platform allowing utilities and customers to better forecast and predict their energy loads, and to optimally schedule distributed resources such as solar and storage.

Trent Hawkins - Zero Net Energy Towns

Trent Hawkins is Senior Consultant at renewables and energy efficiency consultancy Enhar. He joins Beyond Zero to talk about his latest technical research on Zero Net Energy Towns. This project looks at supporting Australian towns and villages assess and design their own plan to achieve 100% renewable energy over a period of 5-10 years. Trent has completed a report about Uralla NSW which is a Z-NET Case Study Town. 

Trent was the Project Director of the recently published Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan at Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). The report is a groundbreaking new pathway for Australia's existing buildings to respond to the challenges of climate change, dependence on fossil fuels, and rising energy prices. Trent was a research director with BZE, a climate change solutions think tank for over three years, including playing a role in senior management of the organization. He was a contributing author to the Banksia award-winning Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan. Trent is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in renewable energy and computational modelling.

Karl Fitzgerald - the easy economics of high speed rail

Beyond Zero talks to Karl Fitzgerald, an economist, "tax geek" and Project Director at Prosper Australia and Earthsharing. He talks about land value capture and how it can fund the building the high speed rail network from Melbourne to Brisbane, researched in BZE's Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail report.

Nigel Morris & Solar Supercharge

Beyond Zero talks to Nigel Morris, who is celebrating 23 years in solar energy, about the upcoming Solar Citizens Solar Supercharge conference. He is a wonderful advocate for the solar industry and consumer, has worked with Solar Citizens on a number of projects, also a prolific blogger.  He is currently CEO of retail solar company RoofJuice

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne talks about how the export boom is shaking up Australia’s gas market. He also explains "economic fuel switching" where a modern reverse-cycle air conditioner - also known as an air-source heat pump - can be far cheaper than heating your house by burning gas. Heat pumps can work both ways: cooling and heating when required.

Tim has 35 years of industrial experience (electricity, oil and gas, petrochemicals) with focus on energy production, transmission and consumption. Former employers include Exxon Mobil, BHP Billiton, Jemena, and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Tim also works part-time as a home energy consultant with the Moreland Energy Foundation - Positive Charge.

Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos at UNSW is inventing the vanadium battery, which is regarded internationally as one of the most feasible energy storage technologies available. The battery helps reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by meeting the growing need for efficient renewable energy storage. 

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