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The Technology Show is a half hour podcast aimed at highlighting the latest in clean tech breakthroughs, climate science, and renewable energy solutions. It is recorded weekly at 3CR radio in Melbourne on Friday Morning at 8:30 am and syndicated around Australia on the community radio network.
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Prof Ian Bates backs Australian research to deliver the breakthrough Technique Solar Module (TSM)

Beyond Zero Emissions' Mathew Wright and Scott Bilby talk to Professor Ian Bates, head of technology at Technique Solar, about the science and implementation of new solar technologies in Australia.

David Corbus from NREL shows how wind can provide baseload power across the US eastern seaboard

Beyond Zero Emission's Mathew Wright, Scott Bilby and Patrick Hearps, talk to David Corbus, Senior Engineer, National Wind Technology Center, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colarado, about the Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission study, and wind energy in the United States.