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BZE speak with Ray Taylor about The Global Cooling Project

The Global Cooling Project is not about seeding the clouds with iron filings or putting mirrors in space. Former international development worker and coordinator of The Global Cooling Project , Ray Taylor , speaks to Beth Shepherd, Vivien Langford and Adrian Whitehead about  clouds.

He talks about greening the arid lands where increased  rainfall could not only reduce famine but could buy us time in the race to counteract global warming.

Michelle Nazzari - Fonzarelli Electric Scooters  Michelle Nazzari

The Fonzarelli 125 is Australia’s first electric scooter - 100% Australian owned and designed. Fonzarelli Managing Director and lead design engineer Michelle Nazzari, joins Beyond Zero's Michael and Niels to discuss her zero emissions city scooter. 


Dr David Finn - Australian Tritium EV chargers exporting to the world

Dr David Finn is co-founder, Managing Director and CEO at Tritium, developer of the award-winning Australian-designed electric vehicle fast charger which made its European debut at the prestigious Intersolar 2014. Tritium has signed commercial deals for the technology, spanning across three European countries, and also industry compliance in Canada and the USA. 

The Veefil charging system – developed over 10 years and backed by a $1.15 million Early Stage Commercialisation grant – boasts the ability to charge an EV 20 times faster than plugging it into the wall at home, and to add 50km range to an EV battery in just 10 minutes.

Further reading:

Tritium installs first public EV fast-charger in Brisbane

Tritium plans Australia’s largest fast-charge EV network for Qld

Qld-made EV fast charging technology wins EU supply deal

Australian EV fast charger heads for North American market

Oz EV fast charger debuts in Europe, in new distribution deal

Australian EV fast charger wins top automotive, transport award

Jared Schwede

Jared Schwede, Graduate Student, Physics, Stanford University (California) is designing a new device based on the photon-enhanced thermionic emission (PETE) technology which is 100 times more efficient than its previous design in converting the sun's light and heat into electricity.

Avrohom Jacks - AHI saltwater battery

Aquion Energy, spun out of Professor Jay Whitacre's research centre at Carnegie Mellon University USA, has developed a patented Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) chemistry, using unique saltwater electrolyte battery technology. Using abundant, nontoxic materials and modern low cost manufacturing techniques, Aquion's AHI batteries are taking on the global energy storage challenge. The inherently safe chemistry of AHI batteries require no regular maintenance, little thermal management and have a very high cycle life at 100% Depth of Discharge. 

Avrohom Jacks of Ampetus Energy is a Melbourne based system integrator using these AHI batteries imported from the US. Avrohom and his team design and build energy storage systems for everyday households so you can store your solar power when you actually need it and allow you to pay off-peak rates during peak time (time-shifting your loads). 

Wild Law Conference

In September 2013 the Australian Earth Laws Alliance hosted a multi-disciplinary conference aimed at exploring key questions for living within our ecological limits and titled:

“Living within our ecological limits: law and governance to nurture the Earth community”

Wild Law (or Earth Jurisprudence) is a new form of lawyering helping communities fight for Eco-Justice at a time when we are destroying species and ecosystems at a great rate and actually changing our climate. They helped the Ecuadorian government put the rights of nature into that country's constitution and have democracy schools for municipal workers.

Health Professionals on the front line of climate

Psychologist Dr Susie Burke, A/Professor Erica Bell, Dr Elizabeth Hanna, A/Professor Colin Butler talk about the realities of a warming climate. Workers in Dubai suffering chronic dehydration, communities recovering from intensified bushfires & floods and dengue fever working its way south.

Dr Lesley Russel reports on the US public health  response to costly climate change events. Melissa Haswell talks about keeping her students safe as they face up to the health implications of climate change. Ian Mc Burney reminds us how we are sowing the seeds of change. A.Professor Grant Blashki talks about how a low carbon footprint means a healthier life and Dr Richard di Natale calls on the whole health profession to step up.

Free Book if you tune in!  Life surfing Life dancing

Dr Elizabeth Hanna

Solar 2014 & Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition 8-9 May Melbourne

Beyond Zero talks to Professor Wasim Saman, Professor of Sustainable Energy Engineering at the University of Adelaide, about the upcoming combined Solar 2014 & Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition on 8-9 May in Melbourne.  

Associated with the 52nd annual Australian Solar Council Industry Conference & Exhibition brought to you by The Australian Solar Council is a renewable energy scientific and academic conference looking at the latest breakthroughs and where the market is heading. Today Matt Grantham and Anthony Daniele get a preview of these latest developments in the area of Concentrated Solar Thermal, PV, Storage, Buildings and Solar Fuels from Professor Saman.

Dr Scott Watkins - Pollinate Energy

Dr Scott Watkins is a Technology developer, science communicator and formerly Research Leader for Thin Film Photovoltaics in CSIRO’s Future Manufacturing Flagship. He has appeared previously on the Beyond Zero show talking about his CSIRO research into developing organic Photovoltaic cells. This time Scott joins to talk about his new venture, that is with Pollinate Energy, a social enterprise whose mission is to:
Improve the lives of India’s urban poor by giving them access to sustainable products that make their lives better.

Artist Chris Jordan & environmental activism

Does it bother you how many people can turn their backs on the climate crisis?

MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

Artist Chris Jordan says it’s because we can’t see the enormity of what we are doing. Comedians Liz Conor and Deborah Hart think it’s because climate activists are too serious and Professor Mark Diesendorf thinks it’s because we don’t have the political imagination to stop the emissions even though the technology is all ready to roll.
Chris Jordan is an US Photographer whose talks at SLF received standing ovations. He speaks about the emotion of grief which will galvanize us into environmental action. His film “Midway” will be out mid year.

The Climate Guardians
Liz Conor and Deb Hart are activists who turn up as angels to beguile people away from climate insanity. Other times they turn up as Flat Earthers to welcome the likes of Lord Monkton or Coking Coal Snorters to do deals with Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott.

Professor Mark Diesendorf from University of NSW talks with A/Professor David Mc Knight ( co author of “Big Coal”). Find out why nuclear energy is not the answer and how energy models work. Mark pays tribute to BZE’s pioneering work. His new book is “Sustainable Energy Solutions for climate change” by UNSW press.

Prof Michael Aziz

Professor Michael Aziz is Gene and Tracy Sykes Professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Massachusetts USA. Prof Aziz and his Materials Science Group have developed a metal-free flow battery that relies on the electrochemistry of naturally abundant, small organic molecules to store electricity generated from renewable, intermittent energy sources.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) has awarded a three-year, $3.75-million contract to a team of Harvard researchers to further develop a promising grid-scale battery technology they demonstrated earlier this year. The innovative organic flow battery is designed to safely and inexpensively store solar and wind energy for use when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing.

John A. Conklin - Solar window

John A. Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: NENE), is a developer of see-through SolarWindow™ coatings, capable of generating electricity on glass and flexible plastics. These SolarWindow™ arrays measure over 232 cm2 – a significant achievement for size, improving upon New Energy’s previous achievements at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and produced with highly-uniform, colored tints preferred by commercial window manufacturers for installation on skyscrapers, worldwide.

More than 60% of a skyscrapers surface is covered in glass. Engineers estimate that SolarWindow™ modules could conservatively produce at least ten times the electrical energy of conventional rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems, and in some instances, exceed power performance by as much as 50-fold.

Transition Towns

This show was broadcast on Mon 25th August 2014

Transition Towns is a global movement building resilient, sustainable, vibrant and happy communities. It is a community based response to the future challenges of climate change and peak oil. For more information on Transition Towns.

Lancer Lieber and Peter Dowson of Transitions Bondi talk about getting our food from local sources including urban gardens.Richard Heinberg, author of "The End of Growth" and “Powerdown” speaks with Vivien Langford from Beyond Zero Radio at his hotel in Sydney. Richard was visiting Australia on a speaking tour and spoke at the Festival of Dangerous ideas. Thanks to Peter Dowson for filming this interview (click YouTube video above).

Glen Morris previews Solar 2015

Glen Morris is Vice President of the Australian Solar Council. Through his business SolarQuip, Glen Morris has been installing renewables both on and off the grid for over 20 years. Glen consults for the CEC, is a member of their Standards Training and Accreditation Committee, is a member of Standards Australia EL-042 Committee, teaches renewables at various TAFES, and has been a system auditor for both the CEC and NZ Government. Glen has lived off grid for the past 20 years – currently at one of Australia’s oldest intentional communities in the Yarra Ranges near Melbourne.

Glen previews Solar 2015 Exhibition & Conference, the 53rd annual Australian Solar Council Industry Conference & Exhibition which highlights the people, projects and products that are driving the solar industry to new heights of innovation and excellence. Glen will be making a number of conference presentations in the Professional Development Stream. Solar 2015 is a free event running 13 - 14 May 2015 in Melbourne. This year sees the Energy Storage Council Conference co-located with solar 2015.

Nigel Morris - electric motorbikes, storage & solar

  2015 SR (Sport Road)  

Nigel Morris is Director of SolarBusinessServices, an award winning consultancy, established in Sydney in 2009, specialising in business development in the Australian solar PV (Photovoltaic) industry. He's also passionate about electric motorbikes, energy storage, battery technology and their combination with solar, which will change how households use electricity and travel. 

Nigel, who trained as a mechanic, explains the many advantages of electric motorbikes over conventional petrol motorbikes, and we hear the enthusiasm for the Zero which he owns. Coincidentally, he joins the Beyond Zero radio team while running some appliances on battery power after a grid outage which was caused by a "once in a decade" storm in NSW. Nigel is also a big supporter of non-profit Solar Citizens, regularly speaks at their events and meets politicians in Canberra to promote a fair go for the solar industry. Listen to Nigel's informative and entertaining podcast.

Robert Mierisch CTO Terrajoule Australis

Robert Mierisch has a distinguished career in engineering, manufacturing, renewable energy, education, academia and it was during his work at Hydro Tasmania that he was head hunted by Ausra to work with Dr David Mills on pioneering solar thermal power plants when the company moved from NSW to California USA. After the company's sale to Areva Solar, Robert founded Terrajoule corporation, reviving steam engines with storage to operate as stand-alone electric generators using solar thermal power. 

Robert has recently returned to Australia to commercialise Terrajoule Australis' technology to begin replacing remote diesel grids, where the consumer doesn't have a grid or there's no reliable grid. The technology uses parabolic trough solar concentrators, which he has chosen over the other technologies - linear fresnel, dish or heliostat tower for their inability to withstand tropical cyclones. 

John Grimes and Craig Memery: Stand up to save the RET

Beyond Zero radio hosts a conversation with John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council (ASC) and Craig Memery, Energy Policy Advocate at the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), about the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and the future of solar energy in Australia. 

As vocal advocates for saving and increasing the RET, Craig and John cover a range of topics including:

  • the fact that the RET is not only supporting householders install rooftop solar but also creating a level playing field for large scale renewable energy projects by industry and community solar intitatives
  • reducing wholesale electricity prices which is increasing opportunities for new entrants into the electricity market and affecting customer churn rates
  • competition and innovation in the energy industry, offering services that are aligned with consumers interests such as draft proofing and energy efficient lighting
  • recent launch of the Australian Energy Storage Council, the peak industry body in Australia looking at standards, engagment with utilites for applications including reducing peak demand, household energy storage, Electric Vehicles and more
  • strong public support for renewable energy and the democratisation of energy

The Australian Solar Council is running a marginal seats campaign to Save Solar and Save the Renewable Energy Target.

Please join Australian Solar Council's NEXT SAVE SOLAR COMMUNITY FORUM in Melbourne on

Thursday 9th Oct 6-8pm
Electorate of Deakin, Karralyka Centre, Mines Rd (via Mt Dandenong Rd), Ringwood.

Please vote for the ATA's solar lighting for East Timor project in the Google Impact Challenge, where Australian non-profits shared their ideas for a better world. Listen for more details.

Erwin Boermans - ComfortID - district heating & cooling

Erwin Boermans, Director at ComfortID, joins Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele to talk about district heating and cooling, demand management and energy storage. District heating and cooling (or District Energy) is common in Europe, Asia and North America. It involves the thermal demand for more than one building being served by a central energy centre. The greater economy of scale allows for innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and reduce long-term energy costs. Examples of such innovative technologies are Combined Heat and Power (CHP), absorption chillers, recovery of industrial waste heat, biomass and thermal storage to reduce peak demands.

Erwin specialises in technology solutions that go beyond a single site, potentially transforming whole districts and regions by using wasted energy sources to heat and cool other industries and neighborhoods. For residential customers, heat pumps can be the most efficient, cost effective and healthy way of meeting heating and cooling demands. 

RET Recap Show with Dr Stephen Bygrave

In our regular recap shows, we find a common thread in our previous interviews, play excerpts and weave a story in between.
Today's theme is the Renewable Energy Target or RET.

Beyond Zero's Anthony & Matt are joined by BZE CEO Dr Stephen Bygrave for the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Recap show. Dr Bygrave was one of the architects of the Renewable Energy Target in the late 1990s. His expert views agree with research from organisations such as the Australian Solar Council and the RECs Agents Association. The RET is responsible for 3% of our electricity bills. It is actually the over-investment in the distribution network that has caused the most rise in the electricity charges. He argues the RET has decreased the wholesale price of electricity which benefits everyone and has shown how successful and cost competitive renewable energy power generation is and that we should be pushing for 100% renewable energy. 

We recap interviews with:

Ric Brazzale, President of RECs Agents Association (RAA)
Darren Gladman, Policy Manager of the Clean Energy Council (CEC)
John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council (ASC)
Tristan Edis, Editor of Climate Spectator

Philip Keogan - Sunverge aggregating storage across grid for zero net energy homes

Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham are joined again in the studio by Philip Keogan, Sunverge GM Australia and New Zealand (and formerly an executive at Ergon Energy) to talk about the latest on energy storage.  

Philip tells us about the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition which was recently (June 2015) held in Sydney, taking the next step in actively discussing the opportunities for storage, engaging consumers, and sharing learnings on the installation, maintenance, fleet management and resources for not only Sunverge's storage software solution aggregating renewables on the grid but also other systems. 

Philip was a conference speaker on the topic of WHY WE SHOULD AGGREGATE DISTRIBUTED ENERGY RESOURCES & STAY ON GRID. He used the Vector Energy case study in New Zealand where the distributor installed Sunverge Integration Systems with PV and storage to consumers and looked at how about the Vector model could be rolled out at a larger scale. Successful outcomes of the Vector model include meeting demand response, negating cost for more investment into network, power network quality management, better manage more PV on the grid and long term cusomter engagement with the retailer. 

It's not only the utility market but also propery developers that Sunverge is working with. Sunverge's energy storage solution is installed in 34 homes across a low income, affordable housing community with energy efficient appliances in downtown Sacremento California, working with the distributor to manage energy consumption and draw from the grid, creating net zero energy homes. 

And the big news (since we talked with Phil previously) was the announcement of the Tesla Powerwall home storage battery in April. We marvel at the marketing flair, great industrial design of the product and how Tesla has the home energy storage conversation out there, years before anybody expected. It has also put a price point on the market for all competitors alike to aspire to. This can only lead to more battery innovation and renewable energy integration.  

George Marshall - Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change

George Marshall is a communicator, campaigner and author of Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change (2014) about the psychology of climate change, and described by the climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, as “illuminating and important”. George Marshall co-founded Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) in 2004 and is currently Director of Projects.

Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael caught up with George while he was in Australia for a series of events for the Sustainable Living Festival hosted by Psychology for a Safe Climate.

Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change? And what does it need for us to become fully convinced of what we already know? “We need to start recognising that we need each other, that we all face a common threat to the things we all hold dear, and that debate is welcome and necessary”

Climate Change Summit

This show was broadcast on Mon 29 September 2014

This episode showcases two Australian community events supporting the worldwide protests in relation to the Climate Change Summit. First up is Bill Shorten, Mark Butler and Christine Milne at the Solar Council Public Meeting, Sydney, followed by speakers at a picnic for Climate Change.

Mark Summerfield talks patents


Beyond Zero Radio's Anthony & Matt talks to Mark Summerfield about patents; especially in light of Tesla's recent decision to offer their patents available to anyone using their technology 'in good faith.'  Mark Summerfield is Special Counsel, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney at Watermark, a company of experts in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

Carol Ride - Psychology for a Safe Climate

Carol Ride is a psychologist and couple psychotherapist, who is well known in the climate movement in Melbourne for the last several years. Carol Ride is President of Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) a group of  psychologists and helping professionals working together to contribute psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change. We know the climate science and the solutions, now Carol joins Beyond Zero to urge everyone to take action - and not to leave it to someone else.

Psychology for a Safe Climate's booklet Let's Speak about Climate Change provides an opportunity for readers to reflect on how they and those around them have responded to news of climate change. The booklet provides insight into how we can better encourage conversations and community engagement.

PSC provides psychological education and support to climate activist groups, including the upcoming Conference - Climate Change: turn-on or turn off? featuring Dr Susan Murphy is a writer, radio producer, film director and Zen Roshi.

Emeritus Prof Stuart Hill - Dr Stephen Bygrave - Dr Tim Read

This show was broadcast on Mon 1 December 2014

Vivien from the Beyond Zero show speaks to University of Western Sydney Emeritus Professor Stuart Hill about BZE's recently released Zero Carbon Australia Land Use Plan. Then, BZE CEO Dr Stephen Bygrave and Dr Tim Read, Greens candidate for Brunswick, join her in the studio to talk climate change politics.
Tim Read Stuart Hill Steve Bygrave
Tim Read Stuart Hill Steve Bygrave



Andrew Stock

Andrew Stock is Councillor at The ClimateCouncil and author of the new landmark report investigates the future of Australia's electricity sector:
Australia's Electricity Sector: Ageing, Inefficient and Unprepare

The report reveals 90% of Australia's existing power generation is using inefficient, dirty, obsolete fossil fuel technology. He talks about the powerful fossil fuel lobby and calls for urgent action by the government to pursue opportunities in renewable energy, which is already lowering the cost of electricity. He likens the current climate to old copper telephony versus mobile telephony that has taken over. The transition to a renewable energy economy is happening! 

Leave it in the Ground Art Exhibition

Leave it in the Ground is an exhibition by the Williams River Valley Artists Project protesting against the impact of the recent explosion in coal mining. The Project is a collective of environmentally alarmed artists formed in 2009 to use their varied art practices to oppose then NSW government’s plans to build the Tillegra Dam near Dungog. After the NSW government sensibly shelved these plans in 2011 the Williams River Valley Artists’ Project turned its attention to another environmental problem-the explosion in coal mining.

Alan Pears AM

Alan Pears AM is Sustainable Energy & Climate Researcher at RMIT University and one of Australia's leading energy efficiency experts. He has worked in the sustainable energy and environment fields since the late 1970s, and been an expert adviser to federal, state and local governments across Australia, as well as community groups and the private sector. Alan Pears AM is a Member of the Order of Australia for contribution to climate and environmental policy, 2009.

Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael speak to Alan about how successful energy efficiency policies have been harmed by recent government decisions. Alan describes the 'crazy' descision by the current federal government to close the Energy Efficiency Opportunities scheme implementation with all funding cut from July 2014. As of 2011, it was saving $800 million a year at an average carbon cost of around minus $95/tonne of CO2e avoided and a benefit-cost ratio of 3.67. Similar energy efficiency programs have been cut by the Queensland state government, as well as other policies being senstitive to the government of the day.

Julia Hamm is the president and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)

Julia Hamm

Julia Hamm is the president and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), a national non-profit that helps its utility members make smart solar decisions. Julia has strong relationships with individuals at utilities and solar companies worldwide, and is knowledgeable about solar programs, policies, barriers, and trends.

International Criticism of CSIRO's Sweeping Cuts

This show was broadcast on Mon 15th Feb 2016

With thousands of scientists condemning the cuts to the CSIRO, we will be joined by Dr Liz Hanna from The Australian National University, telling us the health impacts of the recent funding cuts.
Also, Julie Lyford brings us Groundswell Gloucester's victory over AGL Energy, who have now withdrawn their franking intentions and where next for Coal Seam Gas.
Tom Doig (author of 'The Coal Face') celebrates Morewell, home of Hazelwood Power Station, and the heroes rebuilding at the end of the coal age.

Listen here to the podcast

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