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Lady Elliot Barrier Reef Eco Island

Join Beyond Zero's Vivien on the Eco Island Mystery tour:

In the winter we went up to the Barrier Reef. I’d heard so much about how we are killing this fragile ecosystem that I felt I needed to see it before it was gone.

It’s a tiny eco-tourism island where they are doing everything they can to give people an experience of the reef. It’s a hot spot for studying manta rays and people flock here from all over the world to  see the reef in its pristine state. Can you guess its name? It’s just off Hervey Bay.

Brian Somers - Standard Microgrid

Brian Somers founded Solar Head of State after managing a campaign to put solar energy back on the White House for the US based solar company Sungevity. During the campaign Brian was approached by the Maldivian government and given the opportunity to install solar on the Mule-aage Presidential Palace in the Maldives. Since the completion of the project Brian has been working on off-grid remote microgrid projects such as powering a school in Zambia’s Western Province with a non-profit group called Empowered by Light. His passion is entrepreneurship and in addition to managing Solar Head of State, also leads Standard Microgrid, an international microgrid development company, and Volunteer Alliance, an international volunteering network and database.

Beyond Zero speak with Stuart Munckton, Emeretta Cross and Phil Glendinning on on the Pacific Emergency program

Beyond Zero Emissions' Vivien Langford presents a special program, which focuses on the Pacific Emergency.

Vivien speaks with journalist Stuart Munckton about the serious problems currently facing the people of Tuvalu and the media's coverage of these issues.

She also speaks with activist Emeretta Cross about the cultural issues surrounding the migration to Australia of people from Tuvalu and Kiribati.

Lastly Vivien speaks to Phil Glendinning, refugee advocate from the Edmund Rice Centre about the Aboriginal connection with the Pacific and about his contribution to Tom Zubrycki's film The Hungry Tide

BZE radio speaks with journalist and researcher Nic Maclellan and activist Emeretta Cross


BZE radio speaks with journalist and researcher Nic Maclellan and activist Emeretta Cross about climate change and life in the Pacific Island nations; Kiribati and Tuvalu.

In this two part interview, they discuss the adaptation measures being taken in response to the effects of climate change and the need for community consultation when it comes to the implementation of these measures.

They also discuss the possibilities for innovation in these nations, when it comes to renewable energy technologies.

The Occupy movement and Senator Richard Di Natale on climate change and health

BZE explores the Occupy movement. Vivien Langford speaks with musician and activist David Rovics and local activists Nick Carson and Samuel Alexander.

Vivien also speaks with Senator Richard Di Natale about public health and climate change.

Fast trains, solar planes and what Business can do for climate action

BZE's Zero Carbon Australia Transport researcher, Gerard Drew, starts with the high climate impact of increasing plane traffic in the eastern coast corridor. That is the imperative for building the high speed rail (HSR). His research for Beyond Zero Emissions, in partnership with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) will be published in full in May 2013. He says that the chosen HSR route could be built for under $70 billion, a lot less than the $114 billion quoted in the latest government study.

Tim Parish our regular film expert, describes two films about innovations in travel. The solar plane and the solar highway.

Prof Andy Hoffman PhD visiting from University of Michigan, explores what business can do to speed up climate action. He is Professor of Sustainable Enterprise.

Christopher Wright, Professor of Organisational Studies at Sydney University tells us how Climate Change is a critical issue for business.

Dr Ashraf Uddin UNSW

Dr Ashraf Uddin is an Associate Professor in the world renowned School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW. The Beyond Zero team is also joined by expert guest interviewer Dr Scott Watkins who also specialises in organic PV.

Dr Uddin and Dr Watkins discuss the advantages of organic PV over traditional silicon PV, increasing efficiencies using tandem or stacked solar cells, the emergence of a new class of solar cell based on mixed organic-inorganic halide perovskite cells, comparisons of OPV with OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), the negative effects of oxygen and moisture on lifetimes of OLEDs and OPV, light trapping techniques, future applications and the opportunity to commercially develop OPV technology. Dr Uddin is also course coordinator for the UNSW degree in PV and talks about the career prospects around the world.

Dr Uddin's Research Interests include:

    Organic Solar Cells 
    Photovoltaic device physics, design and characterisation
    Dye-sensitised Solar Cells
    Organic-inorganic hybrid Photovoltaic
    New Concepts of photovoltaic

UNSW researchers set world record in solar energy efficiency

Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens

Christine Milne, Senator for Tasmania and Leader of the Australian Greens, talks about the shift in climate change policies required to bring about 100% Renewables.

Senator Milne became the first woman to lead a political party in Tasmania in 1993 and is highly respected among environmental and community activists, with a career spanning 30 years. She joins us to talk about the urgency of the latest climate science, the recent record breaking heatwaves and that major world organisations, such as the IEA, UN, World Bank and CSIRO, agree window is closing to prevent the catastrophic 2 degrees of warming. 

The Greens are committed to the implementation of 100% Renewables as soon as possible (Beyond Zero Emissions' Stationary Energy Plan shows this is technically feasible now) and are pushing policies to drive this. For example, the Renewable Energy Target (RET) should be increased to 2030 and not worrying about a future "boom in commercial size solar systems", as stated in the Climate Change Authority's RET Review Report released in December 2012.

Senator Milne also discusses the problems with mainstream media covering climate change issues and her exciting visit to the Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Power Plant in Spain which can provide dispatchable solar power 24 hours a day via a molten salt storage system.

John Farrell ILSR Rooftop Revolution

John Farrell is Senior Researcher for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) in Minneapolis, USA. He talks about the 5GW rooftop solar revolution potential on public buildings in the US. This is more than the total installed capacity of rooftop solar in Australia!  

Thank you to Paul Szuster, the expert interviewer for today. Paul Szuster is an energy engineer and analyst. He is the Director of TrueDemand, a consultancy delivering energy efficiency, solar, off grid solutions and energy market analysis. He is also Consultant at CME, an economics firm focussed on Australia's energy and utility industries. His most recent publication, penned with CME director Bruce Mountain, is an article in the current issue of IEEE's (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Power and Energy magazine called Solar, solar everywhere examining the economics of rooftop solar PV in Australia.

In June 2015, ILSR released its Public Rooftop Revolution report, which described how cities across the nation put the shine on municipal rooftops with more than 5,000 MW of solar. That 5,000 MW is as much as one-quarter of all solar installed in the U.S. to date — and many cities could install solar little or no upfront cash. The energy savings would allow cities to redirect millions to other public goods.

SLF 2012 Part 2: Michael Reynolds about sustainble buildings and materials that can be recycled for building

In the second part of the show, Vivien Langford speaks with Michael Reynolds, architect, builder and founder of biotecture.

They talk about the self sustaining dwellings that Michael designs and builds, called earthships. They also discuss the ways in which recycled material can be used as building materials and talk about the future of architecture.

John Seed's leading climate solutions

Charismatic rainforest activist John Seed, gives the proceeds of his workshops on Despair and Empowerment to leading climate solutions groups such as Beyond Zero Emissions. He wants to push past the apathy and fear which is muffling our response to the climate crisis. In this wide ranging talk with Vivien Langford, he explores how we can avoid the fate of civilizations which sawed off the boughs they sat on.

Eduardo Berlin - The Mapdwell Project

Eduardo Berlin

Eduardo Berlin is an architect based in Massachusetts. His research focuses upon housing policy and information models to drive consumer choices towards the advantages of sustainability.The Mapdwell Project provides informational tools to allow users to precisely predict the solar electric potential of a selected rooftop.

The epic battle at Maules Creek


Beyond Zero radio's Vivien Langford interviews Nic Clyde and Fiona Mathews about the iconic battles of our time. Australia has to turn away from exporting climate change and promote the climate innovators in our midst.

Nic Clyde, Senior Climate Campaigner at Greenpeace, reports on the blockade at Maules Creek which is delaying Whitehaven’s mega coal mine.

Fiona Mathews CEO of Earth Champions, an international environmental charity that invite communities to participate in finding practical ecological solutions to the complex environmental problems in our world today.

Maules Creek is the iconic battle where we draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. How you can help.

1. . Get Informed: Check out

2. Come up to NSW and join the camp at Maules Creek. Contact:

3 .Pledge now to help them ramp up against coal and gas industry by joining Summer Heat:

4. And if you are with ANZ, DIVEST! to help you go to Market Forces - Your money as a force for good.

Roy Neel, Chief of Staff for Al Gore, talks politics and climate change advocacy programs

Roy Neel is currently Chief of Staff for former US Vice President Al Gore, overseeing his climate change advocacy programs, national and international political relationships and liaison with his clean energy business interests. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, where he teaches courses in the U. S. Presidency, White House operations, and Presidential Campaigns, and White House Transitions.
He was a visiting fellow to the University of Melbourne when he joined Matthew Wright for this intervew.

Werner Frohwitter talks energy self-sufficient village Feldheim

Werner Frohwitter is Public Relations Manager at Energiequelle GmbH, a renewable energy company in Germany. Their flagship projects is the energy self-sufficient village Feldheim.

Prof Mark Jacobson - 100% renewables for New York state

Prof Mark Z. Jacobson is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, California US. Prof Jacobson has co-authored a study which finds that it is technically and economically feasible to convert New York's all-purpose energy infrastructure to, as they put it, one powered by wind, water and sunlight (WWS). This outlines a path to statewide renewable energy conversion, and away from natural gas and imported fuel.

FARMLANDS: Food crops or fuel crops?

MONDAY BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm August 29th,  2016

Listen here to the podcast

Winner of The Royal Society Prize for science writing, Gaia Vince (author of Adventures in the Anthropocene), takes us round the world in search of the best farming practices in the Anthropocene. Indian farmers leading with water? Food waste contributing to climate change?

In "Rethinking Dairy" we look at alternatives to needing so much milk. Improvements for the cows, calves, farmers and consumers are all ahead as we take climate seriously. 

A panel discussion courtesy of 3CR's Freedom of Species show, featuring Philip WollenDr Deidre Wicks, dairy farmer Vicki Jones, and vegan restauranteur Mo Wyse.

Further Reading:Amazing news – the Northern Territory Labor party was swept to power in the Territory election yesterday on a promise to put a moratorium on risky shale gas fracking.

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The Story of Change by Annie Leonard

Beyond Zero's Vivien and Anthony talk to Tim Parish, Director of the Transitions Film Festival and Lori Joyce, Director of 'Arise', one of the films featured at the festival. The film captures the portraits and stories of extraordinary women around the world who are coming together to heal the injustices against the earth.

Then Annie Leonard, activist and film maker, talks about 'The Story of Change' featured at the Sustainable Living Festival 2013. Annie's new short aminated film, 'The Story of Change', urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world.This follows the success of 2007's 'The Story of Stuff' which with over 15 million views, is one of the most watched environmental-themed online movies of all time. Also at SLF 2013, April Seymoure ran the very popular Fix It workshops again. Fix It! is a community resource for people who like to fix stuff and people who need stuff fixed.

We also have a treat - live original music by BZE's own Hannah Aulby, campaign coordinator for the Repower Port Augusta campaign.

Victorian Election

This show was broadcast on Mon 24 November 2014

Join Vivien from Beyond Zero radio for the Victorian election special. Victorians go to the polls this Saturday 29 November where the outcome is likely to be The Greens holding the balance of power. Public transport, stopping the proposed East-West Link, fair solar tariffs & electricity prices and the future of rural farming are some of the issues covered with the following guests:

Dr Nicholas Aberle, Safe Climate Campaign Manager, Environment Victoria

Peter Crisp, MLA Member for Mildura, The Nationals 

Dr Tim Read
- doctor and medical researcher - is Greens candidate for the seat of Brunswick and hoping to become the first Green MP into the lower house of Victoria’s Parliament

Lily D’Ambrosio is the Member for Mill Park and the Shadow Minister for Energy and resources, Cost of Living and the Suburbs.

Dr Elaine Ingham : Soil health and carbon-based lifeforms

Our soil teams with a multitude of of organisms which provide the necessary work for healthy plants to grow free from disease, pests and infertility. These interconnected interactions and feeding relationships (quite literally "who eats who") help determine the types of nutrient present in soil, its depth, and pH , and even types of plants which can grow.

We discuss the problems of conventional industrial and organic farming methods for healthy soil and carbon sequestration.

Dr Ingham is no longer working with the Rodale Institute which was stated in the introduction. Links for her work include: 

Also mentioned in interview are Camperdown CompostFarming Secrets, leading agronomist Bill Avery and ELA at Southern Cross University

Energy Storage Recap

Join Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele and the ATA's (Alternative Technology Association) Energy consultant Craig Memery for the Energy Storage Recap. The program covers energy storage in the form of compressed air, lithium ion batteries, zinc-bromide flow batteries and energy management software.

Zach Shahan - CleanTechnica

Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, the most popular cleantech-focused website in the world, and Planetsave, a world-leading green and science news site. Zach has been covering green news of various sorts since 2008, and he has been especially focused on solar energy, electric vehicles, and wind energy for the past four years or so.

Aside from his work on CleanTechnica, Climate Spectator and Planetsave, he's the Network Manager for their parent organization – Important Media – and he's the Owner/Founder of Solar Love, EV Obsession, and Bikocity

Groundswell Gloucester

This show was broadcast on 10 November 2014

Julie Lyford from Groundswell Gloucester reports on AGL's first day of fracking in her town.
This is productive farming land. The citizens are united against the dangerous invasion of their land. Julie tells Vivien of Beyond Zero radio how the beautiful Gloucester Valley NSW is threatened by destructive coal and gas mining.

Further reading:

NSW Government asked to suspend approval for AGL's Gloucester project

Groundswell Gloucester launch

Ric Brazzale - RAA

Ric Brazzale

Solar PV saves Victoria from black out during heatwave

Ric Brazzale, President of RECs Agents Association (RAA) and CEO of Green Energy Trading, shows solar PV contribution clipped peak demand by 4.6% during the recent record breaking January 2014 heatwave. With this significant contribution, PV may well have saved Victorians and South Australians from a black out. 

Using Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) electricity demand 5-minute interval data and overlaying extrapolated Australian PV Institute (APVI)'s PV real-time generation data, the analysis shows 606MW of PV (4.6%) power reduced the peak demand on 16 January at 2:30pm to stay below the highest peak reached back in in the lead up to Black Saturday in January 2009.

PV not only shifted the peak demand to later the day but also kept the wholesale power price down. The average market price during the previous peak (on 29 Jan 2009 12- 6pm) was over $4600/MWh, compared to $509/MWh with 4.6% of PV contribution.

Giles Parkinson and Ben Pearson on gas

BZE is publishing the Zero Carbon Australia Land Use Plan next year on the way land management can reduce emissions. We are replaying this interview with Soil microbiologist Walter Jehne from the Climate summit.
The other guests show what community campaigns there are against energy companies which flirt with gas. Giles Parkinson is the editor of Renew Economy and Ben Pearson is a Greenpeace Campaign manager. Don't be fooled by the advertising about  gas emitting half the CO2 of coal. It emits methane.It's a fossil fuel and we must leave it in the ground and press forward with renewables.

Giles ParkinsonBen Pearson

Energy Freedom Alliance

Jenny LewisHeidi Lee
This show was broadcast on Mon 21th July 2014

Beyond Zero's Vivien and Anthony are joined by engineer Jenny Lewis and architect Heidi Lee to talk about the recenlty launched Energy Freedom Alliance. Jenny and Heidi have wide ranging experience in sustainable buildings, environmental design and were key contributors to BZE's Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan in areas of research and project management. 

Energy Freedom by Beyond Zero Emissions brings together households and businesses to transform Australian homes into zero emissions, net energy producers. The comprehensive research of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan shows how existing Australian homes can become efficient and comfortable.


Ken Munson & Philip Keogan - Sunverge brings solar & storage to our new bi-directional distributed grid!


There is a fundamental shift happening in the electricity market. With distributed storage and the ubiquity of cloud based software solutions, Californian startup Sunverge is offering a solar & storage solution creating a bi-directional flow of information and energy which is changing the way we use the traditional one-way grid.  

Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele is joined in the studio by Sunverge Co-founder, President and CEO Ken Munson and Philip Keogan, Sunverge GM Australia and New Zealand (and formerly an executive at Ergon Energy) to talk about this new "internet of energy". 

Craig Chambers -AECOM

Craig Chambers is Market Sector Director – Power Generation at AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services. In Australia and New Zealand a 3000-strong team of engineers, designers and planners work together to find smarter and more-efficient solutions to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. Craig is an energy storage expert and joins Beyond Zero's Anthony And Matt to talk about the storage applications for renewable energy. 

Listen here to the Podcast

Craig recently presented at the first Australian Energy Storage Conference on:

Enlivening energy storage in Australia – technology status, drivers and economics

and at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Energy Institute event:

Energy Storage – What Scale? What Cost? What Impact

Music show

Sit back and enjoy Nick's music show. We embrace diversity with obscure explorations of global warming, climate justice, and environmental destruction by well known artists that aren't often highlighted and play some lesser known artists with more explicit political messages. We explore genres of folk, hip hop, mashup, post punk, world beat, electronic, the undefinable and more!

Nuon Solar Car wins

Jorrit Vervoordeldonk is Chief Engineer for the Nuna7 solar car from the Dutch Nuon Solar team who won the recent 2013 World Solar Car Challenge. Jorrit explains the aerodynamic design of Nuna7, the project planning and testing phases, the strategy and tactics they used in the race. When the solar car is travelling at 100km/h it uses the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner!

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