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Beyond Zero interview with Simon Butler, Ian Angus and Angeline Loh from the Change Climate Social Change conference

In this show, BZE's Vivien Langford talks to some of the speakers who appeared at the recent Climate Change Social Change conference.

Firstly, Vivien speaks with the authors of a new book called "Too Many People?" They are Simon Butler, co-editor of Green Left Weekly newspaper and Ian Angus,  Canadian Author who edits the online journal "Climate and Capitalism".

Vivien also speaks with Angeline Loh, a Malaysian refugee worker.

Simon Carter, Peter Boyle, Hans-Joseph Fell

Simon Carter, director of MORPHOSIS talks to BZE’s Vivien Langford from Bronte Surf Club. Simon was just setting off on the “Our Far South “Project to Antarctic waters. Raising awareness about our responsibility for this hot spot for biodiversity and global warming Simon talks about the pressure to exploit the “El Dorado” of minerals and fossil fuels in this protected zone where mining is so far prohibited. Our knowledge will help us defend this “natural reserve devoted to peace and science”

Peter Boyle is a journalist with Green Left Weekly and convenor of the Climate Change Social Change Conference in Melbourne. Peter speaks to Vivien Langford about his personal journey towards a 21st century version of socialism. We need to see how the economic system favouring the 1% is driving us to unsustainable growth .

Hans-Josef Fell, member of German parliament and architect of Germany's renewable energy policy, delivered its 2020 renewable energy targets 10 years ahead of schedule. His work contributes to more than 60% of the world's wind power and almost 90% of its solar electricity generation. His policy innovation is said to provide for enough electricity every year to power Australia twice over. Beyond Zero's Matthew Wright talks to Hans on his recent visit to Melbourne as part of the Sustainable Living Festival . Hans is publishing a book later in 2012 called "Global Cooling: Strategies for Climate Change"

Port Augusta Solar Update and the Climate and Health Alliance

Dan van Holst Pelekaan is the South Australian MP who represents Port Augusta. He’s engaged with his community and talks about the long term bi- partisan policies needed to lead Australia down the path of big solar power.

His select committee will investigate BZE’s proposition of a Concentrated Solar Thermal plant at Port August to replace the coal fired plant.

Fiona Armstrong is Convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance. She is into more than urging extra emergency beds for victims of heat waves, cyclones, and floods.

Medical professionals see the value of prevention. They are trusted communicators as we reframe the climate crisis as a threat to our health and build resilience. Health must be central to discussions of preventing the worst of climate change as well as adapting to the change that’s already locked in.

Fiona reports how the health sector is urging exceptional courage from our business, political and civic leaders. We have failed to curb emissions growth and must protect the health of people in vulnerable communities.

Earth Jurisprudence & update from Adam Bandt MP


Join Beyond Zero's Vivien and Beth to hear about how weaving the rights of nature into our legal system will help us to live within our limits. We talk with Michelle Maloney, Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and the 2013 Wild Law Conference in Brisbane, Professor Brendan Mackey Director of the Climate Change Response Programme at Griffith University and Adam Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne. We explore how we reign in humanity’s use of the Earth and create governance systems that nurture, rather than destroy the natural world?

Contrary to the trend of the Greens in the 2013 federal election, Adam Bandt retained his federal seat of Melbourne, and spectacularly won almost 45% of the primary vote. Join Adam Bandt's campaign for climate action here.

David Jenkins, Vice President of ConservAmerica


David (Dave) Jenkins is Vice President of ConservAmerica Education Fund (the charitable arm of ConservAmerica), working to restore responsible stewardship of the environment as fundamental elements of the Republican Party's vision for America. ConservAmerica was founded in 1995 to resurrect the Republican Party's great conservation tradition and to restore natural resource conservation and sound environmental protection.

Dave is a lifelong traditionalist conservative who, during the climate legislation push in 2009 and 2010, created the Climate Conservative website and associated “What Would Reagan Do?” radio ad campaign to underscore that the responsible stewardship of our atmosphere is conservative.

High Speed Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane departing!

Beyond Zero Emissions' high speed rail (HSR) research director Gerard Drew talks about the successful launch of the HSR Report on 9 April 2014. The HSR Project is a collaboration between Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and the University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute.

SLF 2012 Part1: Tim Parish, Maryella Hatfield and Liz Franzmann from the Sustainable Living Festival

In the first part of this show, BZE's Vivien Langford interviews Tim Parish, director of the Transitions film festival, film maker Maryella Hatfield and Liz Franzmann from the Sustrainable Living Festival.

They discuss the ideas behind the transitions film festival, talk about Maryella's film "The Future Makers" and explore the program of events at Melbourne's Sustainable Living Festival.

Lucie Tesnière, European Renewable Energy Council (EREC)

Lucie Tesnière is Senior Policy Advisor at the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), which was founded in 2000, as the voice of the European renewable energy industry. EREC represents an industry with an annual economic activity of more than €130 billion and more than 1 million employees. 

The European Union is currently on track to meet the 2020 renewable energy target. However, recent insecurity in renewables investment has been caused by abrupt regulatory and policy changes.

Lucie strives for policies encouraging more stability and reliability in government support schemes, to win back investor confidence and promote renewable energy in the EU.  

Repower Port Augusta Part 3

As the parliamentary select committee into repowering Port Augusta prepares to visit Gemasolar in Spain, we are building up community knowledge and desire to see Australia's first big solar thermal power plant in South Australia. This is part 3 of Beyond Zero's series into the Repower Port Augusta campaign.

Vivien and Beth talk to Dan van Holst Pellekaan - MP for Port Augusta, Terry Mc Bride - BZE activist in Adelaide and Dr Karl Kruzelnicki.

See BZE's and Repower Port Augusta's submissions to the SA Select Committee on the Port Augusta Power Stations here.

Defy Greenwash with Guy Pearse's new book

Guy Pearse is a Research Fellow at the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland and the author of High & Dry (2007), Quarterly Essay 33, Quarry Vision (2009) and he is well known for uncovering the dirty tactics of the “Greenhouse Mafia” or big polluters on the Howard government's climate polcies. His latest book, Greenwash: Big brands and carbon scams (Black Inc–2012), entertaining and practical guide for consumers to pick the truly green businesses from the greenwashers and to demand a higher environmental standard from all. Greenwash looks at the whole spectrum - from the Toyota Prius to Earth Hour, from celebrities to your pet dog! Catch the examples of 'This is our story' advertisements, created by the mining industry, and dedicated to taking our attention away from the harmful environmental and health impacts of mining. 

Continuing the theme of environmental impacts; John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute, talks about the newly released report Coming Ready or Not: Managing Climate Risks to Australia's Infrastructure which delves into the consequences of climate change on major infrastructure. The report focuses on the physical impacts and flow-on consequences on electricity networks, rail and road, property and water supply. It analyses preparations for climate change impacts in Australia among owners and operators of major infrastructure assets and highlights contrasting approaches.   

The Climate Psychologist

This show was broadcast on Mon 11th Jan 2016

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Heath Walker - Tesla Motors

Test drive the Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle with Heath Walker, Marketing and Communications Manager for Tesla Motors - Australia, based in Melbourne. Heath takes Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael through a mouth-watering ride through engineering evolution and sustainable transport that is the Tesla Model S. Unlike a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla electric motors have only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, the Model S is the fastest 4-door sedan ever built, achieving 0 to 100kmh in 3.4 seconds! This performance has been achieved with the Dual Motor version of the Model S which has two motors - one in the front and one in the rear, which efficiently, digitally and independently controls torque to the front and rear wheels.

Other technology features include the 17 inch integrated touch screen, autopilot and over-the-air updates, which mean the car and features can only get better! Other advantages are the low cost of ownership, boot storage, front trunk storage, flat floor in the rear and more. 

The Model S has a rated 500km range which overcomes the range anxiety generally associated with electric cars.  Tesla have recently made 10,000 deliveries for the quarter world wide. They have committed to installing Superchargers - The World’s Fastest Charging Station - from Melbourne to Sydney so Tesla owners can charge their cars for free!

Heath also talks about Tesla's plans worldwide, with the construction of the Gigafactory,
the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant. Heath is passionate about sustainable transport and technology, and has an interesting story about how he sought after a job with Tesla. Currently with 30 - 40 employees in Australia, Tesla is expanding now!

BZE interviews BZE's Pablo Brait, Mark Ogge and Emma Carton about what to expect from Beyond Zero Emissions for 2012

Vivien Langford speaks to BZE's Pablo Brait, Mark Ogge and Emma Carton about what's going on within Beyond Zero Emissions, and our organisation's plans for 2012

AIRAH Airconditioning innovators conference

Tonight’s show takes us into the innards of our commercial buildings looking for ways to cut down emissions.

BZE Community radio’s Vivien Langford went to The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. (AIRAH) conference in Sydney in November 2013. These are the innovators cutting emissions from the building sector:

Phil Wilkinson –CEO of AIRAH
Chris Nunn –Norman Disney & Young
Dr Paul Bannister –Exergy and the father of NABERS energy rating scheme
Brenda Kingston – WSP, Built Ecology and BZE researcher
Professor Robert Morris-Nunn – Circa Morris-Nunn Architects
Caiman Mc Cabe –Cundall
Anetta Pizag –PIZAG
Scott Bocksay –Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Commentary - Dr Nikki Williams & President Obama

Beyond Zero's Anthony and Matt play excerpts on recent speeches related to climate change, by prominent leaders, interspersed with their own commentary. Speeches from Dr Nikki Williams, CEO Australian Coal Association and US President Barack Obama

Clinton Wood - Lighthouse Infrastructure leading solar financing

Clinton Wood of Lighthouse Infrastructure talks about how private investment is being leveraged for renewable energy projects, and the challenges and risks of developing this further.

Clinton Wood is Chief Operating Officer at Lighthouse Infrastructure was established in 2007 as an independent firm, based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on the investment needs of institutional investors in traditional infrastructure and alternative assets. Lighthouse, working with Impact Investment Group, has established the $250 million Fund to provide opportunities to invest in a portfolio of solar assets.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has announced $20 million in support for a program funded by the Solaire Income Fund. See Press Release and Fact Sheet here. This funding is for a program by Tindo Solar – the only Australian manufacturer of solar PV panels - offering a PPA product to commercial and residential customers. Lighthouse also helped win CEFC funding for a 3.1MW major expansion of Australian company Epuron’s Northern Territory solar power station.

Clinton talks about other policies such as the RET and ARENA. He warns that without the LRET, the price for solar PPA's could go up by 10c/kWh, making it economically unviable. 

David Rovics - Songs of Social Significance

Singer/ songwriter, author and activist, David Rovics, chatted with Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford on his recent Australian tour. She recorded an in-depth interview after Rovics' Sydney concert and she introduces the segment here:

Steve Katsineris from Hurstbridge talks about ways to support biodiversity

BZE's Vivien Langford speaks to Steve Katsineris, a writer from Hurstbridge. They discuss the importance of protecting green wedges from development in order to support biodiversity.

Food for a zero carbon world

Oxfam Australia’s food justice spokeswoman, Melita Grant, is challenging Australians to take up six practical actions to help ensure that everybody has enough food always, as part of the GROW Challenges initiative. 

How? By taking up actions such as eating seasonal, organic, and sustainable foods; supporting small-scale farmers in developing countries; eating less meat and dairy; reducing food waste, and saving energy in the kitchen.

How can algae be turned in to food? Kevin Murphy from Advanced Algal Technologies talks about development & commercialisation of several innovative methods of industrial algae biomass production for end use in key industry sectors.

On 6 May 2013, environmental group Quit Coal unfurled a giant banner from the top of Flinders Street Station, calling on Premier Napthine to 'get off the coal train and get on track for renewables'.

Climbers scaled the landmark building's exterior to unveil the sign and were charged with trespass when the protest ended. “Premiers come and go, but climate change will be a long-term challenge for Victoria,” says Quit Coal spokesperson Chloe Aldenhoven. “This issue requires politicians to be visionary, to be honourable and to think beyond their term.”

Ian Dunlop

Ian Dunlop is a former senior coal industry executive who now believes the climate change challenge is far greater and more urgent than acknowledged officially, and demands nothing less than an emergency response. Ian chairs the Australian National Wildlife Collection Foundation, is Deputy Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and advises on governance and sustainability.

Sheldon Drobot PhD on solar forecasting

Sheldon Drobot PhD, Deputy Director for the Weather Systems and Assessment Program (WSAP) within the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Research Applications Lab (RAL) based in Colorado, is a climatologist and researcher.

Adam McHugh, Murdoch University


Adam McHugh, Lecturer at Murdoch University, Perth. Adam specialises in Energy Economics, Policy, and Electricity Market Reform. He discusses the sky rocketing electricity prices in WA, vertical integration, merit order effect, reliability of supply, vested interests of distributors, retailers and more.

Adam joins Beyond Zero's Matt, Anthony and special guest interviewer Craig Memery, energy policy advocate with the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). Adam has recently written for The Conversation on deregulation of the energy retail market and the disaggregation of Western Power which was expected to lead to increased efficiency and lower prices due to the introduction of competition, but instead, has resulted in a 48% price rise for the south west of WA between 2008 and 2012, not even including the comparatively small (and mostly compensated for) impact of the carbon tax.

Adam's current projects include

  • Estimation of the carbon price-induced inflation on products using national accounts data.
  • The economics of large-scale solar generation in Western Australia.

Dr Stephen Bygrave

Dr Stephen Bygrave

Dr Stephen Bygrave on "Empowering Local Communities" 

BZE radio's Laura, Kay and Michael talked to Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO Beyond Zero Emissions, who described Australia as a "solar paradise" and rated as third globally on the availability of renewable resources but of course rated most extreme when it comes to emissions per capita. Yet as Stephen says the coal industry is "static" and the COALition is "stuck in the old ways". 

This writer is often inclined to feel depressed at the criminal lack of progress and disinterest displayed in the development of renewables so Stephen feels like a breath of fresh air - somewhat equivalent to that of Tasmanian air being sold to China in tins! Travelling widely it seems, Stephen's plans include developing blueprints for  change  across different states and sectors. Addressing the welcome drop in the cost of batteries he says not to forget the importance of agricultural emissions frequently not so recognised, but no less important than renewables (which he described as "more sexy"). The agricultural sector of course includes land use, land clearing, production and wastage of food, water, transport etc. all of which mainly driven by local communities as it seems are most such progressive movements.

On closing Michael mentioned the Newcastle demonstration. which was held the previous weekend where they were watching some of the coal ships depart and estimating each ship to be the equivalent to 100, 000 cars on the road!  So much for Adani v the Great Barrier Reef!

(Summary written by BZE volunteer Bev McIntyre)

Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, is the author of Green Recovery and co-author of Green to Gold, the international best-selling guide to what works - and what doesn't - when companies go green. Andrew is a globally recognized expert on green business, appearing regularly in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC. Andrew is dedicated to helping companies both large and small use environmental strategy to grow, create enduring value, and build stronger relationships with employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Andrew also serves on the Sustainability Advisory Board of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the Executive Environmental Advisory Council for Hewlett-Packard (HP), and as a Sustainability Advisor to PwC.

Andrew joins Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham to talk about green business, President Obama, politics, the fossil fuel industry, Bill McKibben's divestment campaign and more.

Pacific Islands - living on the front line of climate change

This program covers the radical steps that the Pacific Islands are taking to combat climate change. Interviews with Dr Simon Bradshaw, Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator at Oxfam Australia, Aaron Packard from and Bill McKibben.

Abbie Curtis, Sustainability Analyst at Verdantix


Abbie Curtis, Sustainability Analyst at Verdantix, researches and provides authoritative data, analysis and advice to help clients succeed with their energy, environment and sustainability strategies.

Verdantix clients are located in more than 100 countries, ranging from the world’s largest power utilities, oil and gas firms and chemicals firms to VC-backed energy and building technology start-ups.
Abbie explains Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and her projects in operational areas such as energy management, GHG management, facilities management, EH&S, sustainability assurance and sustainability reporting.

Abbie is author of the report "Rethinking Sustainability: Brand Risks & Opportunities”, which found successful marketing officers to integrating sustainability into their corporate brands.

Nicholas Bernhardt MBA - GreenBizCheck

Photo of Nicholas Bernhardt

Nicholas Bernhardt is Managing Director at GreenBizCheck, a global technology-based environmental certification program for business. The GreenBizCheck program helps companies to quickly implement sustainable  environmental practices which rapidly increase profits, attract new business, conserve energy, water, resources and minimise waste.

Climate Policy Recap


Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele presents another Recap show along with BZE's Media manager, Ben Courtice. They recap recent interviews on climate policy, with guests talking about how public policy is going to bring technological advances in renewable energy solutions into the mainstream. Issues include the Carbon tax, Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET).

Policy experts interviewed on the show include:
Tristian Edis
Frank Jotzo
Giles Parkinson
Hans-Josef Fell

Local councils and climate solutions

Are councils getting things done in terms of climate solutions?
Are they more responsive to community pressures about climate change?

To find out BZE’s Vivien Langford goes to a ZERO Carbon house in Randwick NSW and meets Councillor Nicola Grieve at Rose Bay.

The Manager of Randwick Council’s Barrett House is Richard Wilson. He shows us how cheap double glazing and LED lights will cut down your bills. Terry Bail the architect tells us about the growing demand for sustainable houses. As we talk a working bee pops up in the vegetable garden so we
talk to Steve Batley about community and school gardens he’s guiding to fruitfulness. Russ Grayson explains how Sydney Council followed the lead of irrepressible guerrilla gardeners with a policy to help people grow food in the city without tripping up its citizens.

As council elections are in the air Vivien meets Councillor Nicola Grieve to talk about waste management, low carbon incentives, bike paths and cutting down the carbon miles for food. It’s not easy, as some councillors are climate change deniers and many in the community are switched off.

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