John Keating of Melbourne innovator Technique Solar

The Technique Solar Module (TSM) supplies both heat energy (hot water) and electrical energy (Photovoltaics); and is an Australian-born example of the combined PV-T technology that has been featured on Beyond Zero radio in 2012.

The TSM concept was orininally developed by RMIT researcher, Dennis Thoroughgood, who continues as part of Technique Solar's technology team today. The TSM achieves solar conversion efficiency between 50% - 60% compared with an efficiency typically ranging between 15% -18% for conventional PV panels.

John Keating is a long time shareholder in Melbourne based Technique Solar and became a director in 2007. He has extensive experience in corporate finance specifically in property development and investment, including some years spent in the venture capital industry both in Australia and the USA.

John talks to Beyond Zero's Matthew and Anthony about the long road to commercialisation of the technology, the business model to do it, utilising Australian manufacturing know-how, leasing arrangements, commercial roll-outs, lack of government funding and the pilot projects scheduled for installation later this year.

Beyond Zero radio first interviewed Technique Solar in 2010, when Professor Ian Bates explained the development of the technology: