Jesse Yu, Director International Business Development at Cogenra Solar


Jesse Yu is Director International Business Development at Cogenra Solar, a Californian start-up supported by Vinod Khosla (, commercialising solar congeneration technology. These are combined solar photovoltaic (PV) and thermal modules which optimise the power of the sun by creating both electricity and hot water.

Cogenra Solar’s renewable energy solution delivers the highest internal rate of return (for system purchases) and delivers 5 times the energy and 2 times the economic value of photovoltaic (PV) systems of the same electrical output by producing 4 units of additional heat energy for every single unit of electricity.

Jesse has spent a lot of time in Australia talking with potential commercial clients, where the conditions are favourable for Cogenra's technology - sunny weather, high electricity prices and the soon to implemented national carbon tax.

Cogenra have also recently completed their first solar cooling installation at a site in California.