Jen Dollin - Bobby Banerjee - Richard Bawden - David Ellsworth


Beyond zero Emissions Radio- The only full hour of climate change solutions brings you voices from the UNIVERSITY of WESTERN SYDNEY

Monday 21st May at 5pm on Radio 3CR (855AM Band) and streaming live at t

BZE Radio goes to The University of Western Sydney which is leading the way in sustainability education . UWS embodies the idea that people act their way into new ways of thinking rather than think their way into new ways of acting.

Jen Dollin is the Sustainability co-ordinator at the University of Western Sydney. They want the area of Greater Western Sydney to be a living laboratory of environmental economic and social sustainability. Their courses are dynamic, embodying the Chinese proverb “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. Jen will tell us how the U.N University has empowered them to mobilise the region and how they are embedding sustainability into everything.

Professor Bobby Banerjee UWS School of Business teaches PhD students. Vivien Langford will ask him about his book ”Corporate Social Responsibility. The good the bad and the ugly”. Can we expect corporations to be effective agents for social change?

What legislation is needed to stop corporations destroying the environment in the era of climate change? How can the resources of corporations be harnessed top tackle global poverty and the degradation of our environment?

Emeritus Professor Richard Bawden talks to Vivien Langford about Agriculture and experiential learning. He is concerned that most courses don’t lead to intellectual and moral development.”Like idiots we do the same thing and expect different outcomes”. He talks about his long life as a teacher getting students to appreciate other people’s world view. Listen in because this is an era when the climate challenge is going to test our capacity to feed the world as never
before. He was awarded with the order of Australia in recognition of his national and international work in systemic development.

Professor David Ellsworth is a real climate scientist. He tells Vivien Langford how his experiments have taken him to the future and what it will be like if we go on emitting greenhouse gasses. He is recognized as a “highly cited” researcher in the field of ecology and environmental science with a particular focus on the response of forests to climate change.