Jeff Renaud, Director of EnerNOC, the world's largest demand response provider, pays businesses to use less power

Jeff Renaud is Director of the Australia & New Zealand division of EnerNOC, which helps commercial, institutional, and industrial organisations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it and generate cash flow that benefits their bottom line.

EnerNOC, which stands for Energy Network Operations Center, was founded in 2001 in Boston MA, U.S. and now has offices in Canada, the UK, Australia and NZ. It is the world's largest demand response provider. EnerNOC offers energy management solutions such as energy efficiency, reducing real-time demand for electricity, demand response programs, energy price risk management , load research, technology demonstrations, measurement, evaluation and enterprise carbon management, with the aim to improve energy supply transparency in competitive markets and mitigate emissions.

Enernoc pays businesses, to use less power when the electricity grid is under stress, and the power supplier in turn pays Enernoc for delivering the service. Most of Enernoc's Australian operations are in WA, where it deals with five large mining companies, as well as the agricultural sector, where they found a financial incentive to shut down mines for certain times during the year [Source: ]