Fossil Fuelled Corruption and Roadblocks on the Grid

This show was broadcast on Mon 25th July 2016

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Given the urgency of climate action we are looking at the roadblocks which are stopping us going full steam ahead.
Senator Lee Rhiannon sees corruption from the fossil fuel industry sapping the vitality of our political process. Without their corrupting influence would our government be capable of delivering the rapid change we need?
"If our politicians are serious about climate change, then they need to stop taking money from and giving money to the big polluters."
We talk to Blair Palese about's  Pollution Free Politics Campaign.
Miriam Lyons and Nicky Ison are the authors of The Homegrown Power Plan.
They drill down into policy depths where most of us would fear to go. They come up with some golden ideas to end energy poverty. They make it easy for us to see how to remove the roadblocks, ensuring new renewables aren’t held back by the legacy of a bygone era. 

Further Reading:
If Malcolm Turnbull or freshly appointed Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg stood on Queensland’s coast and saw a coal-fired power station float past, they’d notice, right? If more than half a million new cars drove past, they’d surely raise an eyebrow. Or would they? Each day, more than a million tonnes of Australian coal sails up that coast, past the Great Barrier Reef, to power stations or steel mills elsewhere, quietly fuelling climate change and bleaching the reef.

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