FARMLANDS: Food crops or fuel crops?

MONDAY BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm August 29th,  2016

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Winner of The Royal Society Prize for science writing, Gaia Vince (author of Adventures in the Anthropocene), takes us round the world in search of the best farming practices in the Anthropocene. Indian farmers leading with water? Food waste contributing to climate change?

In "Rethinking Dairy" we look at alternatives to needing so much milk. Improvements for the cows, calves, farmers and consumers are all ahead as we take climate seriously. 

A panel discussion courtesy of 3CR's Freedom of Species show, featuring Philip WollenDr Deidre Wicks, dairy farmer Vicki Jones, and vegan restauranteur Mo Wyse.

Further Reading:Amazing news – the Northern Territory Labor party was swept to power in the Territory election yesterday on a promise to put a moratorium on risky shale gas fracking.

MONDAY BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm
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