Dr. Stefan G. Siegel of Atargis Energy Corporation

Dr. Stefan G. Siegel is President and Chief Technology Officer of Atargis Energy Corporation in Colorado, USA, a company which holds intellectual property for an innovative new wave energy technology.

Atargis Energy’s Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC) is an adaptation of the Voith-Schneider propeller used worldwide by tugboats. Instead of providing thrust in any direction, the CycWEC matches the incoming wave to convert the waves into electric power.
The CycWEC uses two-bladed, horizontal axis turbines deployed in deep ocean water (~100 m deep) to generate economical, clean renewable energy.

It is installed on a fixed support and operates fully underwater, invisible from the shore, in deep ocean swells. A single meter of wave front can contain 20 to 70 kW, enough to power several homes. Using feedback flow control to synchronize with the incoming wave, the CycWEC can completely terminate the incoming wave, extracting more than 95% of the wave energy.

With a 5 MW base unit, the Atargis CycWEC can be scaled to generate clean energy along tens of thousands of kilometers of coastlines around the world. The best locations for ocean wave energy are generally the west coasts of continents, between 40 and 60 degrees of latitude.