"The Day After Tomorrow"

This show was broadcast on Mon 18th July 2016

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"This is the second year of extreme heat in southeast Asia...all this was predicted by recent studies. The same studies say it will get even hotter, for longer periods, as the decades progress."

"...the poorest victims of this heat are the least responsible for global warming. The source of the pollution has been half a world away, where most of us live in fossil-powered luxury. But in a world connected by finance, trade, and airplanes, the blowback can travel back from half a world – from the steaming countries of India and Pakistan."

Professors David Karoly and Will Steffen describe what scientists expect over the next decades as we fail to decrease carbon emissions.
Dr Adil Najam, Pakistani expert on International Affairs takes us to Karachi’s most punishing heat waves and the climate refugees that are flocking away from unlivable conditions.

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