Dangers of Coal Seam Gas and Shale Gas

Beyond Zero Emissions speaks about the dangers of Coal Seam Gas and Shale Gas, fugitive emissions and related issues associated with the industry.

BZE has called for an independent study of fugitive emissions from coal seam gas due to ”massive unaccounted-for liabilities.”

BZE’s figures suggest that a typical coal seam gas well producing a terajoule a day of methane, and giving off one per cent fugitive emissions, would incur a carbon tax liability of $31,700 a year at the current rate of $23 a tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent. A well that leaked four per cent would be liable to pay $126,800 a year due to the carbon tax.

There are about 3500 producing coal seam gas wells in Queensland and New South Wales at present and these figures would translate into an annual carbon tax liability of between $111 million (1 per cent fugitives) and $444 million (4 per cent). If 30,000 wells are developed as is planned, the annual carbon tax liability would blow out to between $951 million (1 per cent fugitives) and $3.8 billion (4 per cent fugitives).

Coal Seam Gas Could Face Heavy Carbon Tax

Coal seam gas faces tax bill of billions