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The Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on activism and campaigning is recorded live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community campaigns, actions and events from around Australia, including interviews with members of the climate action group community.
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How's our health?

This episode was broadcast on Mon 9th March 2015

How's our health?
In this episode Viv measures our health with interviews with Professor Peter Sainsbury, University of Sydney, and then Fiona Armstrong, author of "Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action".   Lastly, Francis Grey (founder of Economists at Large) stacks up our current economic health against the effects of climate change.
  Peter Sainsbury Fiona Armstrong

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"Surviving Earth"

This episode was broadcast on Mon 2nd March 2015

Viv is back and in this episode interviews Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, Peter Charles Downey, director of the film 'Surviving Earth' and Thom Mitchell, Environment and Industrial Relations reporter, New Matilda.
  Thom Mitchell Peter Charles Downey

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BZE Community Summer Program

This episode was broadcast on Mon 16th Feb 2015

In this episode we return to a broadcast Vivien produced in 2012 featuring three interviewees:  Reverend Alastair McCrae, (former President of the Uniting Church of Australia), Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black (founder of Green Faith) and John Barter (former Buddhist monk and current Sydney psychologist).   The nexus between spirituality, religion and climate change, if not completely deconstructed, then at least explored.  
BZE Community Summer Program    

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Ramsgate Re-cap

This episode was broadcast on 19th Jan 2015

In this Summer Highlights programme we revisit the RET at Ramsgate where the Solar Council Public Meeting hosted Bill Shorten and Mark Butler (both Labour MPs) and Christine Milne (Senator, Australian Greens) among others.  The Liberal party was not represented as the relevant member, Mr Nickolas Varvaris was a no-show.  
The last segment was recorded at the People's Climate Mobilisation, in Glebe Sydney and features Rick Laird (farmer), Julie McCrossin (radio broadcaster) and Michael Caton (actor).  Both of these recordings were first broadcasted on 29 September 2014 on 3CR.

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David Rovics Interview

This episode was broadcast on 12th Jan 2015

In this episode we step back to 2013 for a rebroadcast of Vivien's interview with the well-respected singer/songwriter David Rovics.  David is a musician with a social conscience.
Vivien teases out his worldview by reference to six of his songs.
 David Rovics

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This show was broadcast on Mon 5th Jan 2015

 The subject of today's discussion is 'Methane'
Here we replay a segment from the popular 3CR show 'Radio EcoShock' broadcast on Sunday 6:00am to 7:00am' which warns of the sinister danger of excessive methane in the atmosphere.

 Later in the show Vivien introduces the subject of Heatwaves and how to deal with the effects on vulnerable members of the community.
 The presenters in this interview are
 Gerard Mansour Commissioner for Senior Victorians and Anthony DeWit from Ambulance Victoria

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Gerard Mansour

Is Coal Obolete?

This show was broadcast on Mon 29th Dec 2014

Is Coal Obsolete?

This show brought to you by courtesy of the 'Wheeler Centre'

A debate on the subject of coal.. Is coal obsolete?

First speaker is Bob Brown
Followed by Dr Nicky Williams and Lane Crocket representing Pacific Hydro

Prepare yourself for this heated debate!

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Gloucester.. You Are Not Alone

This show was broadcast on Mon 22nd Dec 2014

The subject of this show is:
Gloucester.. You Are Not Alone

First we hear a session recorded live from this majestic venue.
You will hear speeches by several prominant campaigners.

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  Here Vivien speaks with Phil Laird National Co-ordinator at Lock the Gate Alliance

Later we present a segment from an Alan Jones broadcast in which he refers to popular Australian rugby union player David Pocock who was recently arrested for chaining himself to machinery at the Whitehaven site.

Finally she interviews activist Phil Laird about the 'Lock the Gate' protest movement
and then speaks with some members of the local community.

Enjoy your outing!

Rod Quantock, Dagmar Graczyk, Leigh Ewbank

This show was broadcast on Mon 15 December 2014

Comedian, activist and national treasure Rod Quantock, recently joined the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne as a Research associate looking at the presentation of climate change impacts and resource crisis. He joins Vivien from Beyond Zero radio to speak about the launch new project on Pozible: The Last Tim Tam. The Last Tim Tam is a 12 month research project to develop a new way of communicating the impacts of Climate Change and the Limits to Growth because the old ways have clearly not worked.

Dagmar Graczyk, Manager for South Asia, International Energy Agency (IEA) talked to Vivien at the Energy Efficiency Council National Conference 2014 in November.

Then Leigh Ewbank, renewables community co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth (FoE), talks about favourable changes in renewable energy policy that Daniel Andrews and the new Labour government have brought in since winning last month's Victorian state election. In particular, restoring fair wind farm laws and FoE pushing Victorian Renewable Energy Target following the South Australia's recently increased target to 50% by 2025 and even more ambituos ACT RET of 90% by 2020.

Comedian Rod Quantock