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The Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on activism and campaigning is recorded live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community campaigns, actions and events from around Australia, including interviews with members of the climate action group community.
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Transitioning Latrobe Valley Coal

This show was broadcast on Mon 18th May 2015

BZE radio goes on a listening tour to find out who has done some work, transitioning workers out of coal jobs. This builds on the talk by Bob Massie from Harvard who visited Latrobe and Hunter Valleys as well as the Galilee Basin and found a lot of rehabilitation needs to be done.

Join our guests: Amanda Tattersall from Unions NSW, John Parker from Gippsland Trades and Labour Council, Dave Kerrin - Earthworker Co-Operative, Darren Snell, RMIT University, Tim Gooden Geelong Trades hall and John Rainford - A short History of Social Democracy throw in their two bob’s worth.

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Net Zero Emissions By 2040

This show was broadcast on Mon 11th May 2015

We pay tribute to Senator Milne's ardent climate vision.

Tune in for her talk at Sydney University Environment institute  "They're polluting the planet for free and you're paying the price " Plus Fran Kelly asks Christine if she has run out of ideas!

If courage is grace under pressure she embodies it.
Also Beth Shepherd takes us down another lane for " Climarte"

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Stranded Assets

This show was broadcast on Mon 4th May 2015

Ben Caldecott from Oxford University talks about Stranded Assets, canny activist and CEO Blair Palese from 350.ORG.
Giles Parkinson, the journalist who surfs every wave of the emerging renewables economy from Renew Economy and Stephen Bygrave in Europe light the way forward in these mutinous times.

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Stop Adani Coal

This show was broadcast on Mon 27th April 2015

 Last week we spoke to Adrian Burrugubba from Wangan Jagalingou country in Qld.
We know this as the Galilee Basin and Adrian's people are trying to to stop the Indian coal giant ADANI from exporting mega amounts of coal from this area.


Heat Waves

This show was broadcast on Mon 13th April 2015

Vivien talks with Greg Foyster, and Maggie Baron from 'The Big Issue' about the severe impact of Heat Waves and the people who are hit the hardest.
Stephen Bygrave speaks about the killing of business due to uncertainty about the RET and the government 'Black Paper' about our energy future.
Plus... Paris must have a goal of net zero emissions and no more carbon budgeting!
'Don't cut the RET Tony Abbott'  Click here for Getup video

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The Great Debate

This show was broadcast on Mon 6th April 2015

The Great Debate from the Sustainable Living Festival 2015
Pushing for Economic Ruin or Building a Great Transition
Featuring George Marshall, Philip Sutton, Nicole Foss, George Monbio, Jess Moore, and David Holmgren

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NSW Election

This show was broadcast on Mon 30th March 2015

NSW voters have poles and wires  on their minds.
Some seats will swing to stop CSG and new coal mines.
Adam Searle, John Kaye and the Sydney Candidates' Forum  show what is at stake.

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They know coal is coming to an end

This show was broadcast on Mon 23rd March 2015

"They know coal is coming to an end"

Harvard economist Bob Massey on his tour of coal rich regions. He outlines the transition we must make with jobs, with our economy and with our way of working together.

Blair Palese from describes Bob's tour from the Latrobe Valley to the Galilee Basin.

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Energy Freedom

This episode was broadcast on Mon 16th March 2015


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