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The Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on activism and campaigning is recorded live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community campaigns, actions and events from around Australia, including interviews with members of the climate action group community.
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Resolution on Climate Action

This show was broadcast on Mon 27th July 2015

Vivien interviews members from the Labour Environment Action Network(LEAN)
Members interviewed include Felicity Wade, Asren Pugh and Claire O'Rourke
Beyond Zero Emissions appreciated the fringe events at the ALP conference in Melbourne.
Vivien attended and made this compilation of voices from the climate rally outside featuring Fiona Armstrong from CAHA, Peter Marshall a firefighter, John Grimes ASC, Anthony Albanese MPand Mark Butler MP
Vivien also interviews Senator Larissa Waters about her reactions to this latest Labour initiative.

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Politicians, Financiers and Solar Business

This show was broadcast on Mon 20th July 2015

As government puts renewables on go slow and the opposition searches for fresh policies to slow climate change, BZE talks to the people who are  striding ahead.

BZE talks to Oliver Yates (The Clean Energy Finance Corporation), John Grimes (The Australian Solar Council) and Mark Butler (The ALP).

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This show was broadcast on Mon 13th July 2015

Vivien interviewed a miner, a lawyer, an economist, a climate campaigner and a local leader from Bulga, New South Wales, Australia.
This drama has played out in the courts where Rio lost. Now, moving towards the end of the age of coal, will this be the test case where a mine is not approved because of its ecological and social impact?

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John Krey video:

We Are All Activists Now

This show was broadcast on Mon 6th July 2015

Stephen Mayne is an experienced shareholder activist and shares some actions that anyone could engage in. Vivien chats to Stephen Bygrave about the December United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. And Felicity Millner, represents nature, using the law to protect our environment.

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Timor-Leste Part2

This show was broadcast on Mon 29nd June 2015
We talk to; Senator Janet Rice(Parliament of Victoria), Ego Lemos, Dr Dan Murphy, and Barry Hinton. Check out the other promo posts on BZE's Facebook page for more information on each guest.

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Senator Janet Rice (facebook) (website)


This show was broadcast on Mon 22nd June 2015

Tonight our broadcast looks at how climate change is affecting our near neighbour Timor Leste.
Interviews with Adao Soares  Barbosa ,lead negotiator for loss and damage to Timor Leste at the UN.
Hector Hill ,  reflecting on permaculture , seeds for life and Timor Leste's projects towards food security.
Trudy Dale from Conservation International on Atauro Island  on reforestation and water.

I had great fun meeting these engaging people.

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Great Forest National Park

This show was broadcast on Mon 15th June 2015
BZE tours the Great Forest National Park with the people who are working to preserve it.

We speak to Senator Janet Rice about why so called" Forest Waste " must not be included in any renewable energy target and WHY preserving trees is a brilliant tactic to slow down climate disruption.
When the state forests become National Park, a Carbon Sink worth $40 Million each year will be created. The effect of letting this moist forest age gracefully will be to slow down the impacts of climate change.
Vivien also chats with Artist Karena Goldfinch, Forest campaigner Steve Meacher and the Knitting Nanas

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BZE Radiothon

This show was broadcast on Mon 8th June 2015

The BZE Yearly Radiothon is on this afternoon!

We will hear about heat waves, health threats and carbon budgets.

Will you please call through? We'd love to hear from you! :)

CALL: 9419 8377

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The Coal Face

This show was broadcast on Mon 1st June 2015

BZE asks The Hon. Lisa Neville (Minister for Climate Change, the Environment and Water) from the Victorian Government and Tom Doig, chronicler of the Morwell mine fire: Is it time to shut Hazelwood down?


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Tom Doig


This show was broadcast on Mon 25th May 2015

BZE has a look at Powerwall by Elon Musk and The Guardian's Divestment campaign shames Big Oil & Big Coal.

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