The Battle of the 21st Century

The Battle of the 21st Century FOR wind and AGAINST coal,oil and gas!

Charismatic speaker Drew Hutton (President, Lock The Gate Alliance) tells about the biggest social movement that is locking the gates of NSW properties to Coal seam gas (CSG). It’s the battle of the century to prevent fossil fuels warming our  earth to a point that is incompatible with life.

Drew talks about the fugitive emissions from proposed CSG projects and the reservoirs of shale gas in remote, far west Queensland, that will make it impossible for Australia to reach its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. In addition, proposals threaten for coal mega mines in QLD's Galilee Basin, in a state where there has never been a coal mine rejected on environmental grounds - ever in history!

Saku from the Beehive Design Collective, is a Canadian anti-coal activist on a speaking tour in Australia. Beehive's missions is to cross-pollinate the grassroots, by creating collaborative, images and illustrations that can be used as educational and organising tools.

Testament is touring from the Beehive collective. He is a hip hop artist and sings for us about the OIL APOCALYPSE. His rousing description of the battle over Canada’s tar sand pipes will put you in the picture and connect you with the action. James Hansen from NASA said that it was game over for the planet if Canada exported its tar sands oil and Testament tells us about the massive rebellion in Canada and USA to stop it being piped out for export.

Leigh Ewbank is a renewable energy campaigner for Yes 2 Renewables, a Friends of the Earth campaign . He has been attending the VCAT hearings into a proposed wind farm at Cherry Tree Hill near Seymour. More and more scientific enquiries are lining up to say there is no real health hazard from wind farms. This includes 17 peer-reviewed studies around the world, a recent South Australian EPA report and Professor of Public Health Simon Chapman - all concluding there are no adverse health effects from wind farms. 

We look into how the anti-wind fear campaigns are stirring up communities and losing sight of the global warming that comes from fossil fuels. We also play some music from one of the bands Leigh is in.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Yes 2 Renewables campaign, please contact Leigh Ewbank.