Australian solar PV module manufacturer Tindo Solar leads the way in micro inverter technology

Adrian Ferraretto is the Managing Director of Tindo Solar, an Australian solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer based in Adelaide (and as at Jan 2012, Australia's one and only PV manufacturer). Each Tindo Karra-240 module has a micro inverter directly mounted on the back of the frame, outputing 240V AC. This negates the need for the standard central string inverter and means each module will not be affected by any other module in the system.

Tindo also enjoys higher energy yields with individual maximum power point tracking. The company has backing from world renowned suppliers such as Enecsys, Bridgestone, Dow Corning, DuPont, Saint-Gobain, Fischer FPE and Q-Cells. Adrian’s vision is to make rooftop solar PV simple and more affordable for Australians.

In regards to a question raised in the interview, Adrian has got back to us:

Enecsys engineering confirmed that their micro inverter will start to ramp down power but 100% power is guaranteed to 85 deg C and actual shutdown will occur at 120 deg C.