Andrew Longmire talks ZCA Land Use Plan


Andrew Longmire, researcher for BZE's Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) Land Use Plan, provides the latest updates on this project. The Land Use Plan is undergoing peer review and comment, and is sheduled for release towards the end of 2013.

Then Beyond Zero's Vivien and Beth talk to Walter Jehne from Healthy Soils Australia (HSA), a public not for profit company with a national outlook, and an inclusive focus to build a network of awareness about healthy soil. Walter Jehne is a former CSIRO soil scientist and is now Director at Healthy Soils Australia, working with groups of innovative farmers, and the former Governor General Michael Jeffery to make farming more profitable and more sustainable.

Arabella Forge, a Melbourne based nutritionist and author talks about her book 'Frugavore: How to grow your own, buy local, waste nothing and eat well'. Arabella believes ‘anyone can be a frugavore,’ and it’s all the little things that we do in our lives that can have the greatest impact. By simply changing our mentality of how we purchase food, dispose of waste, and grow some of our own, a lot can be achieved from our own back doorsteps.