Aidan Ricketts, Cam Walker and Andrew Bray talk about activism



Welcome to the only radio hour in Australia devoted exclusively to Climate change solutions BZE Radio. Tonight Melissa Crotty and Matt Grantham will speak with activists campaigning to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry, specifically the destructive and polluting Coal Seam Gas Industry and the transition to 100% percent renewables here in the Australia.

Aidan Ricketts, university lecturer and activism trainer talks about his new book The Activists Handbook: A Step By Step Guide to Participatory Democracy, and his involvement in the campaign against coal seam gas mining in Northern NSW. For more info go to

Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth Climate Justice Campaigner speaks about the campaign against
Coal Seam Gas in rural Victoria and the surprising discoveries along the campaign trail. To sign onto their petition to place a moratorium on coal seam gas go to or

Andrew Bray, Communication Coordinator for the grassroots campaign 100 percent renewable energy, discusses their campaign to get our political parties behind a solar future for Australia. You can find out more and sign onto their petition at