Radio Producer Interns Roles with Beyond Zero Emissions Radio - Community Show


Urgent new roles ! 1-3 hrs per week every Monday.  Roles available this JULY - 2016

 BZE is a small, independent yet agile not for profit that aims to transform Australia into a 21st century, zero carbon economy.

BZE has an exciting 1-2 year opportunity for a keen, enthusiastic and passionate volunteer to join our team every Monday  as a volunteer radio show producer.

We are looking for a candidate who can start training immediately for a July 2016 start. This important role will include operating the radio panel at 3cr, 21 Smith St Fitzroy, conducting and recording interviews and maintaining contacts to  support the lead radio producer and the communication team of Beyond Zero Emissions.  You will also have the opportunity to input into programming, radio-related events and to recruit and train co-producers to support your work as required.


Key responsibilities include: 

Undertaking technical Radio panel training, developing and maintaining skills  and being part of the team managing the radio panel.

If you are comfortable, undertaking interviews within the wider and climate activist communities.

Working alongside the BZE radio teams to provide audio that can be used for the radio show and other BZE promotions and research outreach. 


The ideal candidate will have: 

Willingness to self fund ($250)  and undertake the formal 3CR radio panel training.

2hours free each Monday around 4-6p,m, and more hours during the week if you can help with preparing a schedule of shows. 

Strong communication skills with the ability to work closely with the team to arrange and conduct interviews that form a strong climate solutions radio show. 

Be a BZE member and have an ability to work closely with the BZE team, although can work autonomously if required. 

Ability to quickly develop an understanding of specific programmes and services provided by BZE - the panelist ideally can in some senses and in time represent BZE and be a strong supporter of BZE

Ideally based in Melbourne with guaranteed reliable access to 3CR during the Monday show. 

This role will allow you to remain close to the cause and experience the inner workings of an organisation ranked globally in the top ten think tanks to watch in 2016. 

You will also learn about climate journalism and radio producing  as well as many events and opportunities that may not be publicised in advance and, as with all of BZE's professional volunteer roles, you can use your experience to ensure your CV stands out for future job applications. 


If you are interested and available to fulfil the time and training requirements for this role, we'd love to hear from you - please contact us at  with a short description of your reasons for applying and any relevant skills and experience.