It's time to launch the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan!


Launches in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

  • Melbourne: Thursday, 8 August, 6:30PM at The Spot Basement Theatre, Melbourne University, 198 Berkely St Carlton. Click here to book Melbourne seats.
  • Brisbane: Monday, 12 August, from 6PM at C Block Auditorium C1411, Southbank TAFE, 66 Ernest St South Brisbane. Click here to book Brisbane seats.
  • Sydney: Wednesday, 14 August, from 6:15 PM at NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. Click here to book Sydney seats.

Join us at this premiere event. Our buildings research director Trent Hawkins will speak alongside leading environmental building experts. Be among the first to see our ground-breaking research launched. Seats are limited - see link above to make bookings.

There will also be a pre-launch presentation of the plan at Byron Bay on August 6 - Click here for details.

Australia's buildings were not designed to meet many of the challenges we face today.

We can act now to halve the energy use of our buildings, provide energy freedom and transform the places in which we live and work.

The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan is the first comprehensive, nationwide retrofit plan for Australia's building sector. This plan demonstrates how all existing buildings can reach zero emissions within ten years.

The Buildings Plan shows that we can:

  • Halve Australia's building energy use
  • Fully retrofit existing buildings for higher comfort
  • Deploy 33GW of rooftop solar
  • Raise the bar on appliance performance
  • Protect against rising gas prices
  • Go gas free by installing highly efficient electric technologies
  • Give energy freedom to millions of home owners
  • Create tens of thousands of new jobs

Come along to hear more!