Yasmina Dkhissi presents Low-cost PV: Perovskite thin films?

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Low-cost PV: Perovskite thin films?

Perovskite solar cells are widely touted to be the next generation in solar technology.

Yasmina Dkhissi will talk about perovskite solar cells and why this solar PV technology is attracting a great deal of interest in the solar community. Yasmina recently completed her PhD with the University of Melbourne on the development of low-cost PV. She also holds a Master of Engineering from Lyon Engineering School of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics and a Master of Research from the University Claude Bernard of Lyon, France. During her PhD, she worked on the development of flexible thin film PV. In particular, she focused on device fabrication techniques and on practical industrial concerns such as the reproducibility, the manufacturing processability, and the stability of perovskite solar cells. She has recently started a Research Position with Monash University where she will investigate tandem perovskite/silicon solar cells.

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