Monthly Discussion Group

The monthly BZE Discussion Group is an opportunity to hear from and question experts leading climate change solutions. Topics vary from renewable energy techincal innovations to social and political action. The event is generally held on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm at the University of Melbourne.

Sustainable Energy Now's WA power grid simulation software

Sustainable Energy Now (SEN) is a WA based non-profit organisation promoting the potential of existing renewable energy technologies. Chris Dickinson, Secretary of SEN, argues, “There is a huge need for a specific, costed plan from the renewable side of the debate.”

Ian Dunlop calls for an emergency, nation building response to climate change

Ian Dunlop

This month’s quest speaker is Ian Dunlop.

Business is perceived as being resistant to policies to seriously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and nowhere more so than in the fossil fuel & emissions intensive industries.

Retrofitting existing houses for energy efficiency

This month’s quest speakers are Lyn and Maurice Beinat.

The discussion group will examine how to improve the low energy efficiency standards of Australia’s existing housing stock. Currently, energy-intensive heating and cooling of homes cause high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hugh Outhred's vision for the extensive deployment of wind energy in Australia

Hugh Outhred

This month’s quest speaker is Associate Professor Hugh Outhred.

Associate Professor Hugh Outhred of the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW has been involved in electricity restructuring, energy planning and renewable energy in Australia since the 1970's.

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