Monthly Discussion Group

The monthly BZE Discussion Group is an opportunity to hear from and question experts leading climate change solutions. Topics vary from renewable energy techincal innovations to social and political action. The event is generally held on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm at the University of Melbourne.

Architect of German Feed-in Tariff talks Renewable Energy Strategy


Hans-Josef Fell is a Green party member of German Parliament who has been one of the driving forces behind establishing the German renewable energy Feed-in-tariff.

He drafted the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG in German), and its subsequent amendments, which has led to a dramatic rise in the development and implementation of renewables such as wind and solar power within Germany.

Zero Carbon Transport with Prof Peter Newman


Professor Peter Newman is best known for his work in saving, reviving and extending Perth’s rail system. This month's discussion group will be a great opportunity for those wishing to contribute to the transport sector of ZCA 2020, to learn about Zero Carbon Transport through Peter's many successes in this area.  

Beyond Zero Emissions Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan (ZCA 2020)

Preview presentation of our cutting-edge work detailing how Australia could go to 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

ZCA 2020 is a project to develop a blueprint for the transition to a decarbonised Australian economy by 2020. It is a costed, detailed plan that utilises only existing, proven, commercialised technologies. The stationary energy sector plan is the first sector plan of ZCA 2020.

The Project draws on the enormous wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the community and has been a collaborative effort.

ZCA 2020 shows that the technology to achieve zero emissions already exists, we just need to get on with it!

The Latest Developments in Wave Power Technology

Guest: Scott Hunter

Engineering Manager and Naval Architect for Oceanlinx

Dr Keith Lovegrove unveiling the new Big Dish

Dr. Keith Lovegrove unveiled the ANU's new solar thermal dish in September at the SolarPACES international solar thermal conference in Berlin to much acclaim. This will be the first time it will be presented in Melbourne.

Bob Burton Author of Inside Spin and Editor of Sourcewatch website

Beyond the sceptics and lobbyists

Bob Burton is an author and freelance journalist based in Hobart. In 2007 his book Inside Spin: The Dark Underbelly of the PR Industry , which investigates the public relations industry in Australia was published. He has been a contributor to PR Watch since 1997 and commenced as part-time editor of SourceWatch in October 2003. His articles on foreign affairs, human rights, health and the environment have appeared in numerous publications in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, the UK and the US.

Dr. Stephen Joseph - Biochar

Transition to a Zero Carbon Future - a discussion group on the first Monday of each month.

Biochar – is it a part of a safe climate future?

Hear Dr. Stephen Joseph discuss biochar, an organic charcoal that not only improves soil health and crop yields, it could play an important part in the solution to global warming.

To download Dr. Joseph's presentation click here.

Zero Carbon Residential Buildings with architect Richard Denby

CSIRO Henly house

Richard Denby is a Melbourne-based architect and environmental
design researcher with extensive experience in sustainable and energy
efficient building and infrastructure projects. He has studied and
worked in Australia, Malaysia and the UK.

Dr Muriel Watt - Opportunities for PV in Australia


Dr Muriel WattDr Muriel Watt is a Project Manager for renewable energy consulting company, IT Power Australia.  She has worked in government energy agencies, private companies and the University of NSW on energy related matters since 1980, with a strong focus on renewable energy research, development, technologies, deployment and policies. 

Dye solar cells - the next generation in solar technology

Dye solar cell

Dr Geoffrey Will, senior lecturer at QUT, will explain the research being conducted, as well as the future applications and costs for dye solar cells.

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