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Highly Rated

Philip Sutton: Making a Safe Climate Restoration Actually Happen

Philip Sutton

Philip Sutton is the Manager and Chief Strategist of RSTI (Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation), a non-profit organisation that engages in strategy development and engagement to catalyse the urgent initiation of a full scale transition to a sustainable economy – focusing especially on the very rapid emergence of the necessary social and political commitment to make this transition possible.

Philip speaks to Beyond Zero's Niels and Michael about a new research and engagement project series which aims at making a safe climate restoration actually happen.

Listen here to the podcast

The Safe Climate Science project sets out to apply best practice safety standards, and broad-based ethics, to generate and win support for a new paradigm for climate goals. Under 3 years in development, these projects build on the climate work that Philip has been doing since 2006 and the project is now ready for your involvement kicking off in early 2015.
Philip is co-founder of Safe Climate Australia and past-President of the Sustainable Living Foundation and the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics. Philip co-authored Climate Code Red, which puts forward a case for emergency action on climate change. Philip was the architect of the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act passed in Victoria in 1988.

View the recent Discussion Group Vodcast below (Mon Dec 1 2014)

BZE Discussion Group: Implementing BZE Plans at Emergency Speed

Philip Sutton's Presentations at the Breakthrough2014 forum on The Science Of Safe Climate and Forming Strategy For Safe Climate Campaigning

A Safe Climate is Still Possible

The Battle for Bentley

In todays 'Community Show' Broadcast Vivien interviews several important players in the fight against environmental damage caused by rampant drilling and deforestation.

John Kaye  Penny Sharpe

First we hear Ben Pearson at a rally outside the NSW Government Offices talking about the damage caused to Leard State Forest and habitat by Whitehaven Coal.

Next we hear from Freya Harvey who protested by camping in a tree.
Labour representative Penny Sharpe also speaks at the rally.

Vivien then interviews Dr Leigh Davidson about the campaign at Bentley.

Later we hear a more in-depth interview about the issue of Peak Oil and societal change due to the diminishing resource.

Lastly she interviews NSW Greens MP John Kaye about the 'Towards 100 Percent Renewables Bill' and his optimism in regard to a future where PV plays a much more significant role in Australia's economy.

Nigel Morris - The Rise & Rise of Solar Power in Australia

In today's Community Show Podcast (broadcast on Mon 12 May 2014), we feature an edited version of a recent BZE Discussion Group presentation by Australia's foremost solar industry expert, Nigel Morris.

Presentation Audio

Senator Christine Milne and Drew Hutton Interviews

In today's Community Show Podcast (broadcast on Mon 3 March 2014).. Vivien Langford interviews Christine Milne and Drew Hutton.
Drew Hutton is leader of the 'Lock the Gates' activist group.
Recently John Kerry raised concerns about the powerful lobbies and Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund says future generations will be fried and toasted unless we as a community take action urgently to reduce the adverse affects of climate change.
Here Drew discusses the hypocracy of Coalition Govt policy and the powerful lobby groups who militate against the farmers who wish to protect their long term interests. He makes the point that the Greens and Christine Milne are outspokem on environment issues more then they need to be because environmental groups are not being vocal enough.

Ian McLeod - CEO Ergon Energy

Ian McLeod is the CEO of Ergon Energy in Queensland, Director of the Energy Supply Association and formerly on the state electricity commission of Victoria.

Ergon Energy is an electricity retailer to homes and businesses in regional Queensland.  Who are responsible for maintaining and expanding the regional Queensland electricity network.

Today in this extended interview Matt Grantham and Anthony Daniele discuss the infrastructure costs associated with running one of the most dispersed grids in the developed world and how roof top solar and battery storage is being increasing used as a way of reducing costs for Qld tax payers. We also discuss the need and likely success of a recent attempt to get a new coal fired power station established in Townsville.

Matt Grantham has written a series of articles in Climate Spectator on this topic.

Queensland flirts with a capacity catastrophe

The alternative options for North Queensland baseload

Zach Shahan - CleanTechnica

Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, the most popular cleantech-focused website in the world, and Planetsave, a world-leading green and science news site. Zach has been covering green news of various sorts since 2008, and he has been especially focused on solar energy, electric vehicles, and wind energy for the past four years or so.

Aside from his work on CleanTechnica, Climate Spectator and Planetsave, he's the Network Manager for their parent organization – Important Media – and he's the Owner/Founder of Solar Love, EV Obsession, and Bikocity

Craig Morris Editor for Renewables International

Trailer from Craig Morris on Vimeo.

The (not completely serious) trailer for the movie "Welcome to the Energiewende," which can be viewed in its entirety here: welcometotheenergiewende.blogspot.de

Craig Morris (@PPchef) is an American writer and translator in the energy sector who has been based in Germany since 1992. He is Editor for Renewables International, lead author of EnergyTransition.de, director of Petite Planète, author of the book Energy Switch (2006) along with numerous articles in both English and German on energy technologies and policies.

Mark Ogge, The Australia Institute (TAI)

Mark Ogge, Researcher and Public Engagement Officer at The Australia Institute (TAI) talks about the negative environmental impacts from coal and gas mining.

Danny Kennedy Sungevity

Danny Kennedy is co-founder of Sungevity, a global leader in the residential solar industry, and author of "Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy-- and Our Planet-- from Dirty Energy".  A long-time social entrepreneur, Kennedy has achieved global recognition as an innovator, spokesperson, and opinion leader in the clean-tech industry. Prior to Sungevity, he was the Campaigns Manager for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. In 2001, he ran Greenpeace's California Clean Energy Campaign, the success of which helped lead to the current California Solar Initiative. Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Australia, Kennedy now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves on several nonprofit boards.

Sungevity has recently arrived in Australia and is helping non-profit organisations raise funds for their important work by spreading solar solutions to their supporters.

Join the Rooftop Revolution with Sungevity

Danny Kennedy has his own Scoop.it! site called The Solar Ascent.

UNSW Sunswift solar car takes line honours

Alexander To is Business Team Manager and Engineer on the Sunswift project - Australia’s premier solar car racing team from Sydney’s University of New South Wales (UNSW). On 11 October 2013, Sunswift's latest solar car, eVe, clinched line honours, arriving first in the 2013 World Solar Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide. 

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