Wave energy

Peter Lynch, micro-hydro expert from Pelena Energy

Engineer Peter Lynch is Managing Director of Pelena Energy based in Dorrigo NSW and providing sustainable renewable energy products and integrated services in remote areas, including in the South Pacific.

Dr. Stefan G. Siegel of Atargis Energy Corporation

Dr. Stefan G. Siegel is President and Chief Technology Officer of Atargis Energy Corporation in Colorado, USA, a company which holds intellectual property for an innovative new wave energy technology.

Atargis Energy’s Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC) is an adaptation of the Voith-Schneider propeller used worldwide by tugboats. Instead of providing thrust in any direction, the CycWEC matches the incoming wave to convert the waves into electric power.
The CycWEC uses two-bladed, horizontal axis turbines deployed in deep ocean water (~100 m deep) to generate economical, clean renewable energy.

Eighties Californian Wind Rush to floating Wind Turbines

Walt Musial from US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratories tells the story of Wind Energy in the USA, from the 'Wind Rush' of the 1980s, challenges of scaling up, to proposals for huge offshore, floating, wind turbines.

Originally broadcast 091211

Beyond Zero talks to Greg Allen of Western Australia wave power developer Carnegie Corporation

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Carnegie Corporation has developed the CETO II wave power device that produces zero emissions energy. Their unique system involves pumping a working fluid from the ocean floor to drive a conventional pelton wheel hydro turbine back on land.  The high pressure fluid operates in the same way that the falling water of a conventional hydro dam would act. The technology was developed by the inventor back in the mid 70s yet it is only since 2006 that most of its commercial development has occurred. There is enough wave resource available in proximity to population centres to supply more than half of Australia's current average annual energy demand. Greg Allen is the Chief Operating Officer and joins the Beyond Zero team to discuss the latest developments and implementation of their zero emissions wave power.

Aberdeen, famous for oil and gas, is going renewable!

Santiago Arias, Torresol

Aberdeen, Scotland is famous for its offshore oil and gas, and the skills of its marine petroleum workers. But now the skills are being repurposed to offshore wind, wave, and tidal power! Iain Todd, “Renewables Champion” of Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group fills us in on the details.

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