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Dr Stephen Bygrave

To speak about such a topic, the guest was BZE CEO Dr Stephen Bygrave who is about to embark on a new challenge to join the Queensland government as executive director in the field of environment and climate change.

The work of BZE has encompassed such diverse areas as 100% renewable energy and how soon this may be viable, buildings, battery storage, agriculture including land clearing, industrial processes (such as alternatives in the production of aluminium), and transport to name just a few. In fact BZE has attained worldwide acclaim.

Transport in particular is responsible for 15% of national emissions but the ridiculous dependence on cars in Australia is badly in need of a "mode shift" in favour of public transport and electric cars not forgetting the movement of freight. It is so short-sighted by governments to move freight on the road in lieu of rail which had been achieved in the past. BZE has also written on the topic of high speed rail which has been utilised so successfully in other countries, in particular India and China where there are so many people to accommodate!

So Stephen will perhaps be involved in the different challenges that Queensland can throw up  - none bigger than the Great Barrier Reef and Adani and land clearing!

(Summary written by BZE volunteer Bev McIntyre 12/8/16)

Alexander Diatlov - Ecoisme household energy monitoring with one sensor

TechCrunch has called Ecoisme, An Energy Consumption Device That Is Too Good To Be TrueEcoisme is an Indiegogo project that uses a single device to track the energy usage of each individual appliance or gadget throughout your home, by using spectrum analysis. Ecoisme Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander Diatlov joins Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele to talk about this innovative energy saving device. 

In 2014, Alexander, Co-founder Ivan Pasichnyk and their team (from the Ukraine) built the first prototype of Ecoisme at a hackathon where they won a fierce 48-hr competition against many other software developers, inventors and start-ups. The Ecoisme product can single out your home appliances, check their energy efficiency and suggest the best ways for you to save energy (about 30% energy saving).  If you forget to switch off your iron or electric oven, Ecoisme will take care of it, and send you a friendly reminder. 

Ecoisme will be revealing more at CES, the next-generation innovations consumer technologies exhibition, in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Prof Ray Ison

Prof Ray Ison holds chairs at Monash University, where he is Professor, Systems for Sustainability (located in the Monash Sustainability Institute) and the Open University (UK), where he has been Professor of Systems since 1994. He has an established international reputation in Systems scholarship and has made significant contributions through his research, teaching and consultancy in the areas of systems practice and social learning, systemic environmental decision making, ‘knowledge transfer’, design of learning/inquiring systems and agricultural systems.

Ray’s work has found practical application in diverse fields including water management, organisational change, staff induction, Higher Education reform and rural development and recently, climate change. Ray’s most recent book is ‘Systems Practice: How to Act in a Climate Change World’ 2010. His other most recent work investigates how social learning could be employed as an alternative governance mechanism for managing complex, or ‘wicked’ situations, particularly water catchments and other multiple stakeholder settings.

Retrofitting Bonanza

To coincide with the launch of the Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) Buildings Plan in August 2013, Beyond Zero Radio looks at transforming our buildings to zero emissions.The ZCA Buildings Plan is the first comprehensive, nationwide retrofit plan for Australia's building sector. This plan demonstrates how all existing buildings can reach zero emissions within ten years.

Beth talks to Lucy Roberts, BZE Live Retrofit Productions Manager, about the Master Builders Association's Build & Renovating Expo held in July 2013. Lucy ran a set and live performance at the Expo, where an average Australian house was transformed into a zero-carbon, low-energy, high-performance home, showcasing the solutions of the ZCA Buildings Plan. We also talk to a range of exhibitors promoting energy efficient products at the expo.

Trent Hawkins, ZCA Buildings Plan Project Director, explains how retrofit existing buildings for higher comfort and lower running costs can halve Australia's building energy use. Then we talk to Lloyd Niccol, Project Manager Team UoW Australia, the first team from Australia to gain entrance into a Solar Decathlon 2013 in China and the first in the history of the competition to demonstrate how to retrofit an existing home! 

UPDATE since the interview with Lloyd, is Team UoW has won Solar Decathlon 2013 - congratulations!

Retro wins out in high-tech housing contest

Sustainable Fashion & Climate Change

Have a look down at what you’re wearing. Do you know what that top’s made out of? Or where your jeans were made? How much did you pay for your dress? And how many times will you wear it before you throw it away? Do you wash those trousers each time you wear them? And throw them in the dryer as well?  Are you wearing something that you got from a second hand shop? Are you wearing something that has a special meaning or memory attached to it?

In this show, we take a look at the fashion industry and the ways it’s responding to issues like sustainability and climate change. We speak to four passionate ladies from the world of fashion design; Kate Fletcher, Georgia McCorkill, Genevive Edmonds and Patricia Brien.

Genevive Edmonds, of Little Green Dress.

Kate Fletcher, Leader in Sustainable Design at London College of Fashion and director of design for sustainability fashion consultancy; Slow Fashion.

Patricia Brien, Lecturer in Trend Forecasting, School of Fashion and Textiles, RMIT.

Georgia McCorkill, Fashion Designer and PHD student with the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT

POST GROWTH - Alternatives to Business as usual


Welcome to the only radio hour in Australia devoted exclusively to Climate change solutions.BZE Radio. Tonight we will hear from speakers at the Climate Action Summit held in Parramatta. GROWTH is something our mainstream economists preach all the time but growth leads to extinctions of species, inequality and depletion of resources. Growth is compromising the survival of life as we know it. Dr-Ted-TrainerOnce climate disruptions such as 4-6 degrees of warming become apparent to everyone it will be too late to realise that there were LIMITS to growth.

Professor Ted Trainer of UNSW, will talk about a Simpler Way of Life. “Our way of life destroys the environment,” he says. “The only solution is to move to simpler lifestyles and co-operative communities.

Associate professor Gawain Powell Davies of UNSW, will put a Buddhist perspective on what’s wrong with the headlong consumerist way we are living.

Sydney Editor of Green Left Weekly, Simon Butler talks to Vivien about how even our democracy is compromised by the wealthy one percent who  are forcing the GROWTH economy.

Dr Donnie Maclurcan of the Post Growth Institute will inspire us with examples of where existing communities are already taking the lead. This is a show about alternatives. These ideas may be in the wings of our era at the moment,but have a listen because their time will  be here before you know it.

Mindful of Climate Show - Rev Alistair Macrae, Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black and John Barter

In the first part of our "Mindful of Climate" show, BZE's Vivien Langford speaks to Rev Alistair Macrae, President of the Uniting Church in Australia. They talk about giving support to partner churches in Tuvalu and other parts of the Pacific and discuss the importance of Australia meeting its international responsibilities as a major polluter, by taking strong and swift action on climate change.

In the second part of the "Mindful of Climate" show, Vivien speaks with Rabbi Jonathan Keren –Black and meditation teacher John Barter.

Australian Ethical Investments executive director James Thier talks about eco-investment in Australia

BZE's Vivien Langford speaks to James Thier from Australian Ethical Investment.

James talks about the climate advocacy fund and its goal of influencing the behaviour of Australia's biggest companies by putting forward shareholder resolutions on climate change issues.


Jim Falk, Honorary Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University

Beyond Zero's Matthew Wright speaks to Jim Falk, professional fellow at the Melbourne School of Land and Environment at Melbourne University, about the pace of social, political, economic and cultural change within societies and the ramifications of slow change evident in the Fukishima nuclear disaster.

Coal plants closing, people own their own power, feed-in tariffs & more!

Paul GipePaul Gipe, author of 'Wind Energy Basics' talks to Scott Bilby about how the Canadian province of Ontario plans to close all its coal power plants by 2014, how people in Vermont wanting to own their own energy sources pushed politicians into instituting feed-in tariffs, and much more. And a warning for Australians: Beware FITINOS - Feed-in Tariffs in Name Only!

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