World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

Cochabamba, Bolivia, Day 0 - Pablo and Taegen writing for Beyond Zero Emissions

Welcome to the first edition of the five part series reporting back for Beyond Zero Emissions from the World People’s Conference on Climate Change here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. These diary entries are designed to give you an on-the-ground account of what is happening at this historic event.

First we have to say how pleased we are to be here! This Summit has held the door wide open to civil society and it is refreshing to have a platform to bring governments together with diverse members of civil society from around the world, to discuss the structural causes of climate change and work on proposals for real solutions.

Beyond Zero Emissions visits Climate Justice Fast!

I arrive early in the morning and help them set up their marquee on the lawn in front of Parliament House in Canberra. They are not in their usual position today because the lawn will be used to host a barbecue for the former wards of the state after their official apology from the Federal Government and the last thing they want is to be able to smell the food.

All three of the people I’m visiting, Paul, Marcella and Michael are in good spirits even though they have eaten nothing and have drunk only water for the last nine days. As we settle down under their marquee, I get the official business out of the way by letting them know that I am here not only representing myself, but Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), and that they have our admiration, respect and gratitude.

These three people on hunger strike outside Parliament House are one component of the Climate Justice Fast – an international hunger strike for climate justice and for urgent and science-based actions to prevent catastrophic global warming. There are around 100 people around the world taking part in fasts of varying length as part of this action, with numbers growing day by day. Eight of these people, including Paul and Michael here in Canberra are doing the “full” fast, which is indefinite and will probably go until after the Copenhagen negotiations finish – a total of six weeks without food!

Unthinkable, Ridiculous, Unbelievable - Victorian government assisting ludicrous plan to export Brown Coal

This article in the Age tells of the plan backed by Batchelor and Brumby for Victoria to export Brown Coal

Brumby's Dirty Secret, Brown Coal for Export


Write to your member or Batchelor and let them know what you think.

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