Renewable Energy - a $20 billion boom to boost Queensland employment - The Courier Mail

Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Stephen Bygrave says Queensland is in a good position to take advantage of the renewable energy boom. Pic: Jack Tran BZE Thanks Australia Post Heathwood and SunEdison Australia - Energy Matters for the location - a 99kW PV array.

The latest BZE report, Renewable Energy Superpower - a vision for Australia in the renewable Energy Era, was launched last night in Brisbane, April 14, 2016.

The Courier Mail kindly reported on the launch and produced a story, copied below, which acknowledges BZE findings on the global increase in renewable energy investments which are underway and the advantages that could come from this for Queensland. 

The article additionally refers to figures on renewable energy employment which were researched by The Climate Institute.


The $20 billion boom to boost Queensland employment - The Courier Mail 


Daryl Passmore , The Courier Mail, April 14 2016 

The $20 billion boom to boost Queenland employment

A BOOM in renewable energy investments will create thousands of new jobs in Queensland, a report to be released tonight predicts.

Think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions says the Sunshine State is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a transition to solar, wind, hydro and bio-fuels generation as power sources.

“Enormous job opportunities will flow from this shift. But planning needs to commence now,’’ chief executive Stephen Bygrave told The Courier-Mail.

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Generating enough renewable energy to meet a target of 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity will result in $20 billion of investment nationwide — creating 31,000 extra fulltime jobs by 2030.

At least 7,000 of those will be in Queensland, says the report to be launched by State Environment Minister Steven Miles tonight.

“That figure is extremely conservative,’’ Dr Bygrave said.

If the target was raised to the 50 per cent proposed nationally by Labor, the investment would surge to about $50 billion — creating about 17,500 new jobs here.

“Here in Queensland we have the space, massive solar potential and communities where the coal industry is in decline where renewables will offer really good alternative employment opportunities,’’ Dr Bygrave said.

The figures were based only on solar and wind resources located within 10km of Australia’s existing electricity grid.

But the potential was unlimited, with Australia in the top three countries globally for renewable energy resources.

“We can become a superpower in this sector,” he said.

“There is a global economic transformation underway in renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

The International Energy Agency forecasts the amount invested in the renewables industry worldwide will almost double to $980 billion by 2020 and then to $3 trillion a decade later.

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“Australia is in a great position to capture a large portion of that investment. But governments need to be proactive in how they harness that incredible investment which is going to flow.

“The energy superpowers of the past were those countries with huge coal resources. The energy superpowers of the future will be those with huge renewable resources.”

A windfarm near Ravenshoe on the Tablelands.

Professor Susanne Becken, director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism said increased renewables would also boost Queensland as a tourist destination.

Tourism businesses and infrastructure like hotels, airports and convention centres were ideal candidates for the use of renewable energy sources. “In addition, tourism businesses are often located in pristine or remote areas, where the grid might not work and diesel generators destroy the very experience.’’

Dr Miles said: “Queensland has world class renewable resources — our natural advantage — and now has a proactive Government looking to harness it.

“The construction and operation of these large-scale renewable energy projects will also boost our economy by encouraging local and international investment and creating jobs.

“Sending clear signals about long term goals, like a potential 50 per cent renewable energy target, provides increased investment certainty and attracts investment and entrepreneurs.’’

NB: Sources provided by BZE to The Courier Mail on jobs estimates can be found here:  Australian Bureau of Statistics and here: The Climate Institute

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