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9 June 2016

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Leading climate solutions think tank Beyond Zero Emissions welcomes news today that Victorian state premier the Honourable Daniel Andrews MP is positioning the Australian state - home to 5.962 million Australians in 79  local government areas including the City of Melbourne  - on the pathway to ZERO EMISSIONS by 2050. 

The announcement makes Victoria now the largest of 3 Australian state and territory economies to have adopted a 2050 zero emissions target in the period since Australia became a signatory to the Paris Agreement this year. 

The Australian Capital Territory and South Australia have both already established their 2050 zero emissions targets ( , ) in spite of there being no mandatory national zero emissions targets.  

However BZE says it is disappointed that a high renewable energy target for 2020 has not yet been set. "Victoria should follow the lead of the ACT which has set a 100% renewable energy target by 2020 and is well on the way to achieving that target", said Dr Stephen Bygrave,  CEO of the group which in 2010 published the first Australian national 100% renewable energy plan.  

Zero Emissions Plans Already Ready to Go 

With 79 councils across Victoria, local governments now have work to do to implement the Victoria-wide 2050 zero emissions target.

However, several Victorian councils are already among the so-called 'high ambition' councils in Australia and the world. This is according to new research by Beyond Zero Emissions to be released at the Australian Local Government General Assembly later this month. 

'We have the necessary plans and technology blueprints to get to zero emissions quickly and affordably, with around 18% of Australian councils and communities surveyed already implementing ambitious plans. Victoria has great renewables resources and so can  be encouraged to be as ambitious as, say the A.C.T.,  with its 100% by 2020 renewable energy target", says Dr Bygrave, CEO of BZE. 

"Following the Paris climate conference in December last year there is an increasing number of councils and communities overwhelmingly supporting the transition to zero emissions - these councils can help others across Victoria which are about to adopt zero emissions and 100% renewable energy targets. Councils such as Byron and Noosa Shires, Adelaide, Yackandandah, Uralla, Moreland as well as the ACT - are all part of a growing network of high ambition zero emissions local government areas who are very willing and ready to point councils in the right direction. "  

Plans to get to zero emissions have been in development for 10 years and Dr Bygrave says 'these plans are ready for communities to practically "plug-in" and customise.

"Making a sensible national plan to zero emissions will mean money will be saved at every level especially the regional and local government levels, so then homes and businesses will pay less for energy. There is also the opportunity for councils to collectively bundle zero emissions actions and strategies including purchasing of renewable energy and electric vehicle technology that will bring costs down further."


CONTACT for comment - Dr Stephen Bygrave 0408 907 686 

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