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Electric Vehicles Brisbane

Queensland Government Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy and Water Supply Hon Mark Bailey MP was about to leave for the Tesla factory in California when he very kindly accepted our invitation to provide the keynote address for the launch of the Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicles report hosted by the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland. The BZE report shows that shifting Australian cars and buses electric could happen within 10 years at little or no extra cost compared with business as usual and that doing so would save around half of all transport emissions. The Minister heartened fans of renewable energy and EV's by endorsing the report on behalf of the Palaszczuk Government and in particular by statements in support of  renewable energy, energy storage and zero emissions transport technologies and infrastructure. 

Thank you to the Brisbane panelists who as well as Professor Karen Hussey from GCI and VIP's Hon Mark BaileyMP and Senator for Queensland Senator Larissa Waters included experienced sustainable transport experts from the RACQ and MRCagney, Genevieve Graves and Leslie Carter. Many thanks to registrants for joining us and for MC thanks go to BZE's Deputy Chairman Professor David Hood AM. 

Congratulations to the report co-authors led by Dr Jenny Riesz for acceptance of the car costings work for publication later this year in Applied Energy - J. Riesz, C. Sotiriadis, D. Ambach, S. Donovan (2016) “Quantifying the costs of a rapid transition to electric vehicles“, Applied Energy, 18, p. 287-300.

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Electric Vehicles Lake Macquarie & Hunter EV Festival

With over 90% of trips now known to be satisfied by even a modest battery electric vehicle, and with costs coming down, BZE is arguing that all that is needed are some relatively minor transport policy adjustments to encourage more electric vehicles into car and bus fleets and into driveways. Lake Macquarie City Council is looking at transport emissions as part of their emissions reduction strategy and joined BZE Newcastle with event sponsors Hyundai Australia to put on the Hunter EV Festival Dinner Symposium, a new event at the festival. Thank you to speakers Dr Gary Ellem, Conjoint Academic & Program Manager, Future Industries, Tom Farrell Institute, University of Newcastle and Dr Alice Howe - Executive Manager Business Development, Lake Macquarie City Council for joining with BZE's Dr Stephen Bygrave in a discussion about the future of transport including battery electric vehicles.  

Many thanks to all the panelists for making it a great night: Kymberly Norohna,  Director, Recharging NSW, Hee Loong Wong - General Manager, Product Engineering, Hyundai, Bernie Hockings - Metro Cycles and Anna Zycki - Regional Manager Coordinator General Transport for Newcastle. Special thanks to our wonderful MC for the night Carol Duncan from Klosters Group.

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Hepburn Wind Launch Festival in 2011

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This is the final weekend of the BZE A Zero Carbon Australia post-election Chuffed crowdfunding campaign. These funds are already getting this comprehensive zero emissions plan out and into Australian communities, new research has been begun, requests are coming in from communities and we are about to take on a new National Manager to make it all happen. 55 communities have now been funded to join the program so this is a fantastic start. 

Here’s three things you can do to support the Zero Carbon Australia project:

Don’t forget, your support is what makes crowdfunding work, so spread the word and let’s get zero emissions plans to all Australian communities.

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  • Sustainable House Day 2016 is bigger and better than ever and with a number of Energy Freedom style energy-saving retrofits in the mix now. If you want to check out details of the cost effective 9-step Energy Freedom energy upgrade process you could check out homes at various stages of re-construction and completion at  Panton Hill Sustainable House (nearing completion - ecoMaster will be installing ecoGlaze to three windows on the day) and Energy Freedom Home Essendon (completed, absolutely lovely, and with 2 plug-in electric cars)
  • The BZE Renewable Energy Superpower presentation will travel to Perth for October 25th or 27th, details TBA, save the date(s). 
  • Electric Vehicle Report launches will happen in Melbourne and Canberra over the next few months, dates TBA.
  • Festivals: Come and browse BZE Zero Carbon Australia plans and reports and have a chat: BZE / Energy Freedom Home will be at the Living Smart Festival September 24th Lake Macquarie Speers Point Park & the Practically Green Festival Edendale Eltham October 16th
  • Monthly BZE Discussion Group: 6:30pm Monday 5 September Dr Scott Watkins - Lights, solar, action! Fritz Loewe, McCoy Building, University of Melbourne.
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9 Steps to Energy Freedom

Energy Freedom is BZE's 9-step home energy upgrade program. Click here to see how this program steps through a retrofit that slashes bills, adds value and gives you a perfectly comfortable home, all as cost-effectively as possible.

Almost all buildings with hot water systems on their last legs  would be better off with new solar or air-sourced replacement hot water systems, in preference to 'instantaneous' 'continuous' in-line gas hot water. This is because any possible emissions 'savings' obtained from burning gas compared with burning coal for electric hot water systems are completely countered by the fact that gas extraction and distribution is so leaky and that methane is a far more potent climate-warming molecule than CO2. 

The good news is that as Australians increasingly see the value inherent in the easily available efficient new solar, electric and air-source technologies there is rapidly shrinking domestic demand for natural gas (methane) for everything from space and water heating to cooking. 

Be a part of this move away from gas. Sign on for the Energy Freedom Newsletter for updates on specials from Energy Freedom Alliance partner businesses, bookmark Energy Freedom, and buy the Energy Freedom home book to get Energy Freedom underway at your place. 

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BZE is a not-for-profit organisation funded entirely through donations by generous supporters. Now we are reaching out far and wide to invite all Australians to help implement this comprehensive plan. 

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A number of volunteers have been central to the creation of BZE's new website - launching soon - but one that must get a special mention is Andrew Gunner. Without his support BZE would not have been able to bring together the elements needed to make a working web site. Thanks Andrew.

Thank you also to volunteer teams generously and professionally guiding BZE on new approaches to project management, fundraising and outreach - thank you to Belinda Young, Elke Zimmermann and Ana Teresa Ruiz Gordillo. 

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